When Lackawanna resident Faith Gordon requested that the Lackawanna City Council  post full agendas of Council meetings on-line the response she received from Councilman Francis J. Kulczyk, as reported in theBuffalo News was:

“Why do we have to put it on the website? I don’t understand,” said 3rd Ward Councilman Francis J. Kulczyk. “Do we have to do it? Who else does it?”

To their credit several area municipalities such as Buffalo and Hamburg post full agendas of meetings, including memos and other supporting documents for resolutions, ordinances or other matters up for consideration on the Internet. Most communities like Lackawanna post a summarized agenda on line before the meeting, which provides a bare minimum of information to the public.
The public should have access to the complete packet of information that is being presented to their elected representatives for approval. As Ms. Gordon states “Is it so much work for one person in City Hall to post this information on our website?” With technology today all one has to do when copying the complete Council agenda is scan the documents and post them on-line. It really is not a difficult task, yet not one of the five Council members spoke up in favor of providing the public full access to the Council’s proceedings.

Lackawanna resident John Ingram summed the issue up well by stating “This has to change. It doesn’t matter if you have to do it, it’s the right thing to do. “We need information on the website so we can look it up and come to these meetings and ask you questions. It’s not wrong to want that information.”

What do you think about Faith Gordon’s request and the response she received from Lackawanna Council members?

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3 Responses

  1. DTWarren

    Mr. Ingram hit the nail on the head and is absolutely correct. If the Council does not do the right thing and will only do what is required then the citizens will have to make it required by amending the city charter which they can do by petition and referendum. The next vote should be against those on the council who are against this.

  2. pauldub

    A simple request met with an ignorant response. If Mr. Kulczyk had an employee who refused to do more than the absolute minimum, how long would he keep that employee? Mr. Collins cut several programs that he felt were above the minimum requirements. He was freed up to pursue other employment.