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  1. luiz19169

    I would love to see the day when a transgender can attend a church and being accepted as him or her self

  2. BestRecon

    Men are made to behave and act like men and not the other way around. (as with women)
    It’s so obvious when men start putting on women clothing, that there’s something wrong there.

    I could give a fuck about religion and their stupid shit lies.

  3. Suitecake

    Ok, yes, this guy is a religious wingnut, but he really did come across as compassionate in this clip.

  4. rabbinero

    It’s absurd for him to believe his book will have any impact in the larger world when he put a slur in the title. I don’t think he’s that dumb; he knows very well that the only people who’ll ever pick up his book are people who aren’t bothered by cruel epithets. He’s just trying to move product by preaching to the choir.