It’s Election Day in America and policy is an internet meme. I know this because I made more than a few of them myself.

What will Medicare be?

Who feels more deeply the plight of the middle class?

Who loves Christ the King?

Who will represent whiteblackmuslimlatinoasian America?

Why do less than half of us even care enough to fill in a sheet, pull a lever or punch, too softly, a hanging chad?

Maybe it’s because Mr. Smith can never go to Washington.

Maybe it’s because our politicians send pictures of their stiff cocks to
Twitter followers or are so ashamed to admit they’re gay that they
troll Craigslist for transsexual boytoys.

Maybe it’s because no matter who becomes the President, there will
always be football on Sunday

Maybe it’s because we’re a nation of homeless veterans and
impoverished children and no one here seems to give one tinylittlemarginal
fuck about it anymore.

Maybe it’s because our education system is out of money and terrible and our health-care system is drowning in money and even worse.

Show me a candidate who will spend a trillion dollars on feeding the poor and homeless.

Show me a candidate who will tell the naysayers to go fuck themselves when he does it.  

Show me the man or woman who will stop the wars to pay for better schools and bridges and clean energy and healthcare that won’t bankrupt families.


Show me a candidate who will stop forcing eighteen year old American children to kill eighteen year old Afghan and Pakistani children.

Show me a way to a better world and I will show you a reason for more than less than half of us to care again.