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  1. Frank V

    OK so what changes should they make? No kids feeding the dolphins? OK then your kids are now out of luck and it is all because of a couple of stupid parents who are just looking for attention.

  2. ACCUBERsam

    Exactly, I’ve been bitten by a horse after spending my attention to it for the day. I turned to be with another horse for a brief moment and thats when my bite occured. That taught me to be extra careful around any types of animals. After feeling better from the bite, I just simply moved on. I guess the horse that bit me was a bit jealous. LoL.

  3. wolverin648

    The parents didn’t have to sign up for that, so its their fault.If sea world told the kids not to do that, but they did then its not sea worlds fault. Stupid parents.


    You do realize that with your strategy, everyone single person would have to get their fingers bit, don’t you?…….experience huh?

  5. ACCUBERsam

    On my reply to horseygurl143, I got bit by a horse on my back. So I did not specify to get bit on the fingers. I ment to get some type of injury in general.

  6. TheAlexorusrex

    That little girl is so much more mature than her parents. These dolphins have been conditioned that when the hand goes up, it means there’s food in it; which is the exact reason why they say not to lift the plate. Same things have happened with “ass biting sharks” who ended up figuring out that divers would reach around their backs to grab treats, and when someone went diving without them, well… the sharks investigated on their own.

  7. kickthenads1


    Im sorry, This is nothing to do with the video, but it’s a PSA documentation about another person perspective on dolphin.
    If you love dolphin i suggest you to watch.

  8. shaldon thomas

    watch your fucking kids people at sea world are not responsible for your kids !! these are wild animals not your your house hold cat! fuck….

  9. knoose

    GET OVER IT!!!!
    Its an animal…get it???
    Fcking pathetic…
    Yeah…lets hurt the business of sea world now because Media is so pathetic.