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  1. phuturephunk01

    It’s not that she’s more intelligent, it’s just that she’s an innocent and doesn’t realise that she SHOULDN’T talk about it. It’s not considered ‘acceptable’ by adults, to point out that they have been living most of their lives all wrong, or that they are too cowardly or down-trodden by the system to group together and do anything about it. Societal conditioning appears to be wearing off with each subsequent generation. Look what happened to Iceland, or what’s happening in Spain today….

  2. phuturephunk01

    It won’t be long now, with any luck. The original ‘Illuminati’ (disbanded around 1936) had a vision of a New World Order, not of oppression, but peace, where everyone was unified and helped each other. To be honest, the governments of the world don’t want that, because it leaves NO PLACE FOR THEM and massively diminishes their ability to remain as ‘for-profit’ organisations, along with a loss of control of their ‘flock’.
    Wake up sheeple…

  3. 01synergist

    Yesterday ( Nov/14/2012 half of Europe has for the “European social model” strikes and protests. The other half was in solidarity and gave Aplaus :))

  4. TheJoeFree

    amazing, this girl is smart than most of US & canadian citizen , i bet this girl hates fox, cnn, abc, etc…

  5. aviomaster

    U. professor of economics and sociology Zagreb says the same thing.
    USA dollar Paper Currency based financial systems are heading towards economic collapse.

  6. jeffhawkinsttr230

    If money is interest free and debt free then THERE IS NO POINT TO MONEY. It doesn’t represent the RESOURCES that maintain this economic game, therefore destroying the resources in the process in the name of “free market” then what? We cant even play the game because theres NO RESOURCES to support it. Thus if we ever want to bring about global sustainability and not to mention peace, we must transition into a resource-based economy.

  7. publicbankingtv

    Money isn’t resources, it represents labor.

    “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” –Abraham Lincoln, Annual Address to Congress, Dec. 3, 1861. (“Selections from the Letters, Speeches, and State Papers of Abraham Lincoln, by Abraham Lincoln,” edited by Ida Minerva Tarbell, Ginn & Company, 1911, p. 77.)