Buffalo Sabres great Dominik Hasek addresses his former teammates and the fans at the First Niagara Center during his Buffalo Sabres Hall of Fame speech.

13 Responses

  1. Matt D

    Congrats Hasek. Easily overlooked by numbers when compared to Roy or
    Brodeur but easily the MOST creative goalie period! I’m glad he won the Cup
    with Detroit but it would have been nice to see Buffalo raise that Cup
    instead of a certain team. Oh well, that’s Toronto for ya. lol.
    I’m glad the fans of Buffalo got to enjoy him when he played there.

  2. Seagallton

    I’m not a Sabres fan but Hasek is easily #3 all time. IMO if he won 1-2
    Cups in Buffalo along with his in Detroit he’d arguably be the best goalie
    of all time

  3. Glenn Michaels

    It was great to watch you and be inspired to play hockey with friends to
    age 60. My favorite photograph and autograph is of you saving Patrice
    Bergeron. Thanks for the memories!