Wondering why what used to be a very political WNYmedia.net website has suddenly gone rogue with crazy things like cooking and music videos?

This video pretty much sums up my thoughts on local politics better than I ever could here in writing.

Of course I say this now, but I’m sure I will somehow get sucked back in and the bomb throwing will resume by late Summer.

For now, let’s just sit back and enjoy the music…

11 Responses

  1. Matt Allen

    I find it odd that Republican’s are considered conservatives and Democrats are considered liberal when in fact liberal and conservative don’t really have anything to do with the difference between the two. According to most Democrats I talk to the “stupid religious conservative Republicans” are to blame for almost every major issue in America and that somehow all democrats are politically and morally enlightened 

  2. melbyRick

    Well, as a “smart” person who has at one point or another employed all of the tactics listed in this video, to NO EFFECT… I would have to conclude that he’s correct: Knowledge is not power. MONEY is power.

  3. Derek Bade

    As a “smart person”, I can confirm I have never employed letters to the editor, town hall meetings, blogging, writing a congressman, petitions, tweets (I don’t even have a twitter), occupying, or becoming a folk singer in any of my attempts to create change as I recognize they’d have zero effect. Instead, I devote my time to fine tuning my plans, developing solutions for the foreseeable obstacles in my path (even if I lack the funds to solve them at that moment), and making career decisions to increase my wealth since as was previously stated, money is power.

    That being said, I understand that I could never accumulate enough wealth to combat the immense wealth of those who’d oppose me. Instead, I must focus on a combination of wealth, manipulation, and proper tactics. Will I be successful? Perhaps, perhaps not, but my chances are certainly better than the “smart” people described in this video. 

  4. TheJapanChannelDcom

    Sadly, this is Youtube. Most would have been lost in the first 60 seconds. Not enough boobies and skateboard nutshots in this video for them.

  5. ScottKinmartinTV

    1:59 “There are idiots and smart people on both sides of the political spectrum (Conservative and Liberal), and ALL OF THEIR OPINIONS ARE ANNOYING.”