Fire Takes 316 and 320 Paderewski Drive

(click on images for full view) It is bad enough that the neighborhood has lost its share of housing/building stock over the last couple of decades due to neglect, but when you see fire consume a couple of good buildings, it’s truly heartbreaking. A blaze took 316 and 320 Paderewski Drive early this morning at […]

4th of July Fireworks Guide

There's nothing like laying back on a blanket with family and friends on a (hopefully) warm, clear night for a light show in the sky.

GALLERY: George Thorogood @ Canalside

George Thorogood did not drink alone Friday the 28th of June, but rather he drank with a couple thousand of his friends at the inner city canal side of brotherly love.   As the sun settled behind mammoth Naval ...

$200 Million for Buffalo Billion Projects

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that nearly $200 million in Buffalo Billion initiative funding has been approved for three projects that will create more than 1,300 new jobs and spur further investment...

Q&A about Sam Reinhart with a Kootenay Ice reporter

Not since Pierre Turgeon in 1987 had the Sabres selected this high in the NHL Draft. Sam Reinhart is going to be the future as he is currently the biggest log on the Sabres fire to get back into contending. I’d think it would behoove me to find out what we got with Reinart. So, […]
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South African Beer Launches Anti-Hipster Ad Campaign

There have been a number of good comedic beer campaigns coming out as of late. If you missed the #IfWeWon Newcastle campaign from yesterday, definitely check that out. Today, I’d like to show you a new one from South Africa’s Garagista Beer Co. The…
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A Glimpse at the Imagination of Buffalo Arts Studio

Buffalo is full of hidden gems that the layperson may not know exist. A cultural hotbed for the arts, it's almost excusable that you could let some slip through the cracks when you're engaged with partaking in what all the…
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My take on Christian Ehrhoff getting bought out

At times, folks like myself have scoffed at the greed of professional sports. I’ve always wondered what the sports world would be like if contracts weren’t made public. If we didn’t know the money and terms, we couldn’t put a number value on players and we couldn’t complain that money was their main motivation. Imagine […]