Kindle First-August

It's here, it's here!!!The first is my favorite day of the month because Amazon releases their picks for the Kindle First program.Kindle First allows Amazon Prime members to choose a not-yet-released e-book from their selection for FREE.Not an Amazon Prime member? No worries, you can still download these books for a reduced cost.This month, Amazon has increased the number of books to choose from from 4 to 6!Here are the picks for August...       (Click on the pictures to tak [...]

Meet My Rapist

Type: Short FilmRun Time: 7 minutesMy Rating: 9/10Overview: Jessie Kahnweiler was raped during college on a trip to Vietnam. For years, she tried to bury the incident and live a normal life. Unfortunately, some of our scars tend to follow us around like unnerving ghosts stalking at every turn.  This is how Jesse faced her rapist and learned to let go once and for all. “He’s the most important man in my life.” –Jessie,  about her rapist What I loved: Mee [...]

PHONCERT ALERT ( TONIGHT): Stokeswood w/ Mike and Dave’s Acoustic Wonder Emporium

PHONCERT ALERT ( TONIGHT): Stokeswood w/ Mike and Dave’s Acoustic Wonder Emporium

When: Friday July  31st Stokeswood: 10:30pm Mike and Dave’s (Aqueous)  Acoustic Wonder Emporium:  9pm Download the Phoncert App for iPhone: http://bit.ly/1qI7DVF Web stream: http://live.phoncert.com/ As always we encourage you to attend concerts in person, but if you can’t make it, Buffalo.FM has got you covered About Stokeswood: Stokeswood’s “future rock” sound (think The Killers meets Bastille meets […]

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Your Racist Friend

This is where the party ends. Joe Mascia found no safe harbor on Sandy Beach recently.  In fact, Sandy ripped him a new one, calling him “unfit for public service” and a “liar, a phony,...

Missing Maura Murray

Preliminary ReviewType: Podcast  Publication Date: July 16th, 2015 My Rating: 8/10 Overview: If you’re like me, you became interested in investigative podcasts, or podcasts in general because of Serial. Serial is still on hiatus until the sophomore season is released, however, I believe Missing Maura Murray is a beyond adequate substitution. Maura Murray disappeared on February 9th, 2004 in New Hampshire. As far as we know, she was not abducted nor murdered, she [...]

Belichick to Press: I Cannot Express Emotions

At his early morning press conference, Bill Belichick detailed how he is seemingly incapable of expressing emotion, or even possibly experiencing it. The seeming automation,  programmed only for football coaching (and no protocol or etiquette...

Joe Mascia, Carl Paladino & Hulk Hogan Walk Into A Bar…

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority commissioner Joe Mascia announced his intentions to continue his run for the Buffalo Common Council seat for the Fillmore District, even after a double-secret recording of him emerged with him using...

Move Over NYC: This Other New York City Is a Rising Star

#SiliconCitiesUSA on freeenterprise.com is exploring how entrepreneurs and businesses are faring in non-major U.S. cities. It’s “reporting on the ground from each city, talking with elected officials and business leaders about how they’re harnessing their unique resources and local talent to fuel economic…