One Fan(n)’s Opinion: One (and only) 2015 Draft Mock by @RDotDeuce

http://gty.im/163517664 Alright folks, we’re t-minus 5 days (for the Bills at least, barring a trade into round 1) from the start of one of my favorite times of the NFL year, the 2015 NFL Draft. I’m excited to see how the staff gels and if Rex and Doug can have a better relationship than Doug […]

What To Wear: 2015 Kentucky Derby

  Bonobos Seersucker Jacket | O'Connell's Straw Bowler | KJP Mr. Nantucket Shirt | Brooks Brothers Linen Pocketsquare | Buffalo Dandy Mad 4 Madras Bow Tie | H&M Skinny Chinos | KJP Captain Gatsby Belt | Cole Hann Lunar Grand Wingtips | Woodford Reserve Bourbon This weekend is perhaps one of the Dandiest days of the…

Transfiguration All Class Reunion Meeting Thursday

A general meeting for The Transfiguration Reunion Committee will take place at 6:00 PM on Thursday, April 30. The meeting will take place at Our Lady Help of Christians located at 412 Genesee Street (click for directions) in the large meeting...
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Buffalo Bills Mock Draft #3

  by Pat Freeman This is my third Buffalo Bills Mock draft preceding the actual event which will take place April 30-May 2. Looking at what the Bills have done in free agency so far it will kind of give you a clue at where they could possibly go in the draft. Let’s take a ...read more


Reviewed by Jessie Lakatos The Garcia Project is a Jerry Garcia tribute band.  Re-creating and playing the entire set that was played by Jerry Garcia.  With such dedication and enthusiasm, this band brings to you every ounce of music and the style that the Jerry Garcia Band brought to the shows in the 70’s through […]

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PHOTOS: Nightwish, Sabaton and Delain

Nightwish, Sabaton and Delain Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY, USA – Apr 16, 2015 Review By Jessie Lakatos, Photos By William Smyers When I arrived at the Town Ballroom, the first thing that I noticed was the impressive line that went down for a few blocks.  If you don’t  know anything about the venue, it resemble […]

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PHOTOS: TRAGICALLY HIP @ First Niagara Center

 By Jessie Lakatos To commemorate the re­issue of Fully Completely, The Tragically Hip is touring North America on their ‘Fully And Completely’ tour.  The First Niagara Center, Buffalo, NY, on Saturday, April 18th, at9pm was the bands first stop on North America tour.     Canadians, and Americans alike filled the jammed pack First Niagara Arena with their Hip jerseys, […]

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Bedroom Upgrades

A gentleman’s home is his castle and as such, his dwelling serves as a direct extension of his personal taste and style. For many of us, we put just as much thought into decorating a room as we do putting together an outfit.…
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Har-Bal 3.0 Mastering Demonstration

This is a song Mastered by Paavo Jumppanen using our software Har-Bal 3.0. Additional engineering input by Earle Holder www.har-bal.com The Dynamic...

Christians, Beware of the New Age Movement In the Churches!

  by Alberta Parish God expects Christians to abide by the same standards that we are proselytizing to the world through the Word of God and as witnesses of Christ Jesus. But there are times when many Christians forget this fact. Many forget that judgment first begins in the house of God, and He expects ...read more