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Through a Restorative Justice Lens   by Karima Amin Several years ago at one of our monthly meetings, we screened the film “Prison Song,” a 2001 film, produced by B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television), starring Mary J. Blige (R&B diva) and Q-Tip (rapper from “A Tribe Called Quest). Upon viewing, our follow-up discussion centered upon the […]
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Tickets on sale for All-WNY High School Awards dinner

With the Section VI and All-WNY High School Awards winners being notified, it’s time to reserve your seat to celebrate the occasions. Tickets are $25 each and there’s a maximum of three per family, and you can buy them here. For more details on this inaugural dinner, head here. For more on applying for the scholarships, […]
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Community Agenda Process Underway; Still Time for Your Organization to Become a Partner

Each year, PPG crafts a Community Agenda, which identifies our partners’ top policy priorities for the coming year. The Community Agenda is a useful tool for education, advocacy, and collaboration, and it also guides the work of PPG’s staff and volunteers throughout the year – shaping our research, forums, radio shows, and other efforts. PPG […]


In my ongoing battle with the urge to slice my wrists over the thought of another 7-9 season, I’ve decided to try and blog about something that makes me happy about our boys in red, white and blue. In these rage-fueled times, it seems like it would be a good idea if I try to […]

. @mmigliore: Remembering Dominik Hasek, the Best Sabre Ever?

Joe asked me to write the Ode to Andre Reed when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in August, so it would make sense that he would ask me to do the same for Dominik Hasek this week. Hasek was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday. He certainly went in […]

Sammy Watkins: From hero to zero for some in just a couple weeks by @BLeez17

What a difference a month makes. After the Vikings game last month I penned a piece about how Sammy Watkins was “the hero the Bills’ offense needed”. Now there are some out there wondering if the juice was worth the squeeze. Watkins and the Bills looked to be clicking in late October, with the rookie […]

“Winter Storm Dick” To Fuck WNY Over Again Real Good

  The latest Tommu-Weather Forecast: South Buffalo and the Southtowns are going to get fucked over royally again by Winter Storm Dick, reports the National Weather Service. “Before the affected area gets time to recover, Winter Storm Dick is going to deliver a ‘right jolly rogering’ , says Chief Meteorologist Butch McBigflank . “Although it […]
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Video: The Central Terminal Receives Buffalo’s Snow

A Facebook friend of mine shared a video of trucks unloading snow at the Central Terminal from the SNOWvember storm. This isn’t the first time the Central Terminal grounds have been used for this…snow from many of Buffalo’s iconic snowstorms...
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Review: Whiplash [2014]

“I belong here” And here I naively thought the dinner sequence from The Riot Club would end up proving my favorite scene of the year despite the film itself leaving a lot to be desired. It just goes to show that you…