Heart & Soul: Thanksgiving Defined

Thanksgiving:  a time when Americans celebrate the success of our nation’s harvest by gathering around the dinner table and feasting. According to Webster, thanksgiving is further defined as: “gratitude, appreciation, or thankfulness, which involves a feeling of emotional indebtedness towards another person; often accompanied by a desire to thank them, or to reciprocate for a […]

Mockingjay Part 2

Type: MovieDirector: Francis LawrenceRelease Date: 11/20/2105Duration: 137 minutesMy Rating: 10/10Overview:  The war for control of Panem is here and the rebels are lead by Katniss Everdeen, the symbol of the revolution. Can Katniss end the tyranny in the Capitol, or will President Snow keep using Katniss as a piece in his games?Mockingjay Part 2 is the epic conclusion of the Hunger Games series adapted from novels written by [...]

Heart & Soul Polishing The Silverware

Over the years, Thanksgiving in our family has pretty much fulfilled the picture-perfect Hallmark traditions. The dining room table is set with china and silver. Candles abound. The requisite turkey and trimmings fill the sideboard. A hale and hearty group of family and friends gather around the fireplace for conversation and the required family picture. […]

Western New York Sustainable Energy Association

Meet the member organizations of the Western New York Environmental Alliance!  Organization Name: Western New York Sustainable Energy Association (WNYSEA) Mission: To encourage lifestyle change as well as social action to bring about a rapid transition from reliance on conventional energy resources to sustainable ones. Vision: To make Buffalo a healthier and more sustainable place [&hellip

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Meet Shannon Trubatch

In the lead up to the WNYEA Congress, our guest writer, UB student Shannon Trubatch, will be covering local examples of leadership in climate innovation. Follow our Climate Innovation Stories here. Hello! My name is Shannon Trubatch and I am a student at the University at Buffalo studying biological sciences and environmental studies with the hopes of [&hellip

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Innovation Spotlight: One Region Forward

Western New York has begun to write a new story for itself – one that inspires people to work together for a more sustainable future that addresses the climate crisis at hand. Many of our region’s citizens, in a variety of organizations, companies, advocacy groups and more, have been working towards this goal for some [&hellip

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