Who Runs the Internet Address Book?

Who Runs the Internet Address Book?

Like any good parent, Vint Cerf is excited to tell you about his kid, the Internet. That’s right, he is a father of the Internet—and he made this...
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The Public Good with Cornell High Road Fellows

The Partnership for the Public Good has a weekly radio show, The Public Good, which airs on WUFO 1080AM every Tuesday at 1 p.m. Our co-director, Sam Magavern, talks with representatives from local non-profits and grassroots organizations who are contributing to the public good in their community and discusses some of the hottest issues. Listen […]
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Official Hands Across Buffalo Video Now On Youtube!

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, thousands of people of all ages and creeds linked hands along the length of Ferry Street from Niagara Street to Bailey Avenue, in an effort to promote racial unity and to better understand race and poverty. Ferry was chosen because it crosses several racially and economically diverse neighborhoods and because […]

Pushing the Efficiency Limits

Gamesa recently got their first US order for a variety of turbine (G114) that could be more revolutionary even though it is more of an evolutionary...