Recent Trends Worth Noting

Well, gee whiz there has been a lot of things happening of late, and not much of it good. But the fact that some non-bad stuff is taking place...

New Policy Brief on Suburban IDA Performance

PPG has released a new policy brief, Town IDAs in Erie County: 2011-2013.  In addition to the Erie County Industrial Development Agency, there are five town based IDAs in Erie County, with an operational cost of nearly $1 million per year.  PPG looked at the 287 town IDA projects active in 2013 and found that […]

The M.A.N. Program on the Public Good

Join us this Tuesday, November 18 at 1pm for the Public Good, when we speak with Jerome Wright, Founder and Director of The M.A.N. Program to discuss how they are mentoring and nurturing at risk individuals in WNY. You can hear the Public Good on WUFO AM 1080 or at www.wufoam.com.

A True Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers: New PPG Policy Brief

On November 13, PPG offered testimony to New York State’s Wage Board and released a new policy brief: “A True Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers.”  The brief points out that the 20,000 workers in Western New York serving as wait staff, bartenders, and hair stylists have a median annual wage of under $20,000 per year, […]

What Are the Odds?

picture from http://riddick.wikia.com/wiki/Elementals Science Fiction certainly can be schlocky, bombastic, and absurd, as well as many other...

Citizen Action to Discuss School Discipline, Attendance, and Funding on the Public Good

How do we improve our Buffalo Public Schools?  Citizen Action lead the fight to completely revamp the BPS student discipline policy, which has led a to major reduction in suspensions.  Now they are working on implementing restorative justice programs, improving school attendance, and winning more equitable funding for high need districts.  Learn more about their […]

PPG Releases New Report, Talking Proud: Telling Buffalo’s Stories

How does Buffalo talk about Buffalo, and what impact do our stories have on public policy?  In this new report, PPG examines Buffalo’s history and current conditions and some of the different narratives used to describe them.  In particular, the report critiques a negative mythology of Buffalo as a dysfunctional mess in need of “adult […]

New Policy Brief Offers Key Facts and Figures on Raising the Minimum Wage

Did you know that in Erie County, a full 41% of workers earn less than $15 per hour?  How about the fact that, nation-wide, two thirds of low wage workers are employed by large companies with over 100 workers?  Or that, at Yum Brands, one of the largest employers of low wage workers in the […]