The Lapse

Type: Podcast  Publication Date: February 8th, 2014 My Rating: 9.5/10 Overview: Earlier this year, my sister, Lindsay and I wanted to download a podcast for our road trip from North Carolina to Ohio. We chose The Lapse podcast based on its incredible iTunes ratings. On our drive, we ended up happily listening to approximately 16 episodes in a row. However, one episode featuring a former military-woman particularly struck a bad note with us, so we took a break from list [...]

10 Books for Ugly Tears

We've all been there... You're reading a book and you become so immersed in the story and devoted to the characters then BAM!!!! Someone dies, moves away, betrays another character, or completes some other heart-wrenching feat. When this happens, ugly tears are imminent. Ugly tears: noun meaning to cry so forcefully, your face contorts into a terrifying scrunched-up messHere are my top 10 books capable of unleashing the Niagara Falls in no particular order.#1. The Fault in our St [...]

VibeFest Saturday @ Riverworks

Buffalo has a new vibe and a new venue. The just-opened RiverWorks will rock this Saturday with VibeFest, the crown jewel of Buffalo Reunion Weekend. ...

5 Books to Make You LOL

Have you ever read a book causing you to laugh out loud? Or, a book so funny it brought tears to your eyes? I have, and I wanted to share these books with you in hopes one of them could brighten your day!Disclaimer: If you don't like obscenity and stories with inappropriate protagonists, you probably won't enjoy my recommendations. However, if you're open-minded and enjoy obnoxious stories, these are just the picks for you!1. White Girl ProblemsWhite Girl Problems details the life of B [...]

Brain on Fire

Author: Susannah Cahalan Release Date:  August 6th, 2013 (Reprint Edition)Pages:  288Rating: 9.5/10 Overview:  Imagine this; you’re 24 years old, living on your own in New York City and have an amazing job at a prominent newspaper. You have a new boyfriend, loyal  friends and live a happy life. All of a sudden, you become paranoid and anxious. You start to sense your boyfriend is cheating on you, you think your apartment is infested with bed bugs  and somethin [...]

20 Books to Read If You Love TV

If you're like me and love to read, but also love watching TV, you will greatly benefit from the books I've compiled below.If you loved (this television show) read (this book)...1. True Detective- Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto2. The Walking Dead- World War Z by Max Brooks3. Sherlock- The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith4. Dexter- Stiff by Mary Roach5. Lost- Lord of the Flies by William Golding6. Orange is the New Black- Bitter is the New Black by Je [...]

Buffalo Book Exchange

CALLING ALL BUFFALO, NY BOOK LOVERS!!!!Have you ever bought a book and realized your friend already owns it? Or, wished you could sell a book without having to deal with the hassles of selling on Amazon or EBay? Now all of your literature woes are solved with the Buffalo Book Exchange group on Facebook! What: Buffalo Book Exchange is a friendly group to buy, trade or sell gently used titles Who: Me, you and all of our book-loving friends How it works: If you have a book you&rsquo [...]

Why We Love Serial Killers

Author: Dr. Scott Bonn Release Date:  October 2014 Pages:  272 (paperback) Rating: 8 Overview: Why do we love serial killers? Why is society fascinated with the minds of those who have little to no disregard for human life? Dr. Scott Bonn, criminologist, professor and media executive, digs deep and reveals the roots of why we are so incredibly infatuated with society’s violent outcasts and how the media is involved as well. Why We Love Serial Killers is extremely info [...]

True Detective’s Demise

We are now three episodes into the second season of True Detective and I am feeling exponentially disappointed and frustrated each week. I knew the hardest part of watching Season 2 would be not actively comparing it to the premiere season, however, even on its own, this season is abysmal.   First off, the writing is absolutely horrendous. Nic Pizzolatto, the writer from last season, is still on board. I cannot fathom how something who had written a pure genius script could have fiz [...]

A Dark Lure

Type: BookAuthor: Loreth Anne WhiteRelease Date: July 1st, 2015Pages: 418 (Kindle)Rating: 5/10 Overview: Can we truly leave the past behind? Or will our ghosts eventually come back to haunt us. Olivia West,  manager at Broken Bar Ranch in the Pacific North West, made a new life for herself after a horrific kidnapping which left her with copious physical and mental scars. She leads a simple life now. She greets ranch guests, takes them on tours and keeps up with the slowly decaying la [...]