Second Take with @BradleyGelber – Why Do We Even Enjoy Tailgating?

Let’s get this out of the way… the Bills took it to a TERRIBLE New York Jets team. If Geno Smith starts another game in the NFL, Rex Ryan should be out of a job. It was UGLY. The Bills made a lot of their typical mistakes and it still wasn’t even close. I’m sure […]

@mmigliore: Are Bills Fans Freaking Out Too Much Over Coaching?

Sunday’s win at the Jets was so, so satisfying. If you read the game predictions piece posted on this site, you know how a majority of us thought the 4-3 Bills would actually lose to the 1-6 Jets. I wrote those words myself. The Bills have a history of bad losses in the 2000s at […]

College update: Cicerone, Thomas, Coach all shine

It’s nearly November, and as good a time as ever to check in on the fortunes of our players and staff during the FCB offseason. It’s been a decent season for our boys at school, and that includes our head coach, as Brendan Murphy has led the D’Youville College men to their first ever AMCC […]

One Fan(n)’s Opinion by @RDotDeuce: The Halfies!

Week 8 is done and we’re at the halfway point folks! So what does that mean here at Buffalo Wins? Well, this year it means I get to dole out the ‘Halfies!’ (Name not yet approved) So sit back, relax and enjoy the bye week and my thoughts (hawt * taeks) on the 5-3 Buffalo […]

My recap: Bills beat the Jets, 43-23

Prior to today’s Bills/Jets tilt, I had gone to the two previous meetings at Met Life Stadium. Let me tell you, those games were as depressing as the last 14 years of zero playoffs. The first time around was the season opener in 2012 and the Bills got crushed, 48-28. It was so bad that […]

The irrational reality of the fan by @seancorleone

Sports fans are a different breed of citizen. In today’s world, especially in the United States, athletic competition is seen as a realm of utmost importance to the masses. The sports world not only dictates our daily schedules, but it also has the ability to shift moods and perceptions of those who observe. Those of […]

Behind Enemy Lines: New York Jets with @OneJetAtATime

You know the deal. We got the Jets next week and we have Brian Johnson from One Jet at a Time to dish the dirt on the Jets. I’ll also have a Q&A on their site as well, so, be sure to check it out.  Enjoy and tell a friend! 1) How do you feel […]

Sammy Watkins: The hero the Bills offense needs right now by @BLeez17

It seems fitting that just a few months after the celebration of Andre Reed finally gaining entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Bills fans are now seeing the birth of what could be the next great wide receiver in Orchard Park. Back in May the Bills created a jolt with the fans when […]

Saint Doug or Satan Doug?

Was it the screen pass to Frank Summers? The Chris Hogan fumble? Tits Dixon lined up at WR? The offensive line impersonating a subway turnstile? All of those moments ultimately led to  me cursing out the football Gods on Sunday. And the guy I really wanted to punch in the nuts was Doug Marrone. This […]

@SabresStats: Faceoffs Don’t Matter. Or do they?

So far this season, the Sabres have managed to win 41.7% of the faceoffs that they have taken.  That’s the worst in the NHL on the young season, and it’s not even close.  Florida currently sits in 29th place, just ahead of Buffalo, at 46.2%.  In fact, the worst full season win percentage in the last […]

Kyle Orton…Captain Comeback?

Who would have thought that the outlook of this season would change because of Kyle Orton? Two months ago we had Thad Lewis and Jeff Tuel battling it out for backup supremacy and Kyle Orton was just hanging out with his kids.  Orton is on his what, 2nd? 3rd? chance in the NFL? It’s amazing […]