Doug Whaley is not a rogue…unless you are out to make him one

I have to admit, I was hoping to have the door shut on Fred Jackson for the foreseeable future. I mourned his loss yesterday and once I woke up today and assumed he was going to the Hawks and not NE, I was at peace. I was ready to move onto the regular season of […]

My thoughts on Tyrod Taylor being named the Bills starter

15. With Tyrod getting the nod, that’s the number of QBs the Bills have started since Jim Kelly retired. 15 is also the number of years the Bills haven’t made the playoffs. Both those numbers are intertwined because the main reason why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs is because of a lack of consistency […]

My ode to Fred Jackson

Scene: NYC Sports Bar in 2007 Me: Who the hell was that? Some Drunk: That’s Fred Jackson. Me: Kirby Jackson? Some Drunk: No, Fred Jackson from Coe College. Me: Where the hell is Coe College? Some Drunk: I don’t know, but he just zipped past London Fletcher for a 40-yard catch and run. That was […]

One Fan(n)’s Opinion By @RDotDeuce – Tweetbag/Game 3 Thoughts/Mixed Musings With game 3, the universally viewed “dress rehearsal” wrapped up, we certainly have a lot of things to talk about. Between the tweet bag, some things I had gnawing at me the last week or so and finally my first and probably final shot at the week 1 54 (with suspension). Let’s boogie and begin […]
FC Buffalo

Late summer jersey sale — limited time only

As our 2015 season ended, we received a lot of requests for our jerseys, which were out-of-stock. We’re happy to announce that we are able to offer a new order window for our royal blue home jerseys, both with and without number. Orders will ship within 6-8 weeks. BUY ROYAL HOME JERSEY BUY ROYAL HOME […]

My pros and cons for Tyrod Taylor winning the Bills starting job

Are we ever going to find out who our starting QB is for the opener? I’m a little shocked that we are heading into game 3 of the preseason and we aren’t sure who is going to be the starting signal caller against the Colts. I assumed we would have known by now since the […]

Football Club of Buffalo podcast: Ep.2

For those of you who missed the second annual FCB roundtable discussion, enjoy this podcast of NBC Sports’ Soccer’s Joe Prince-Wright, FA Vase-winning goalkeeper Matt Brown and plain old FCB co-owner Nick Mendola, live from Mes Que on Aug. 22. Follow @FCBuffalo

See your Wolves this Fall; Five earn college honors

The 2016 season seems a while away — and it is — but we’ve got a great college scene in Buffalo, and several out-of-town Blitzers will be coming near during their 2015 college seasons. And five FCB players or alums have been honored by Top Drawer Soccer as a Top 20 player in their respective […]

EJ’s Situation Isn’t Unfair by @BradleyGelber

Despite his unsuccessful tenure as QB with the Bills, EJ Manuel still has supporters in Buffalo. Since EJ has been essentially been written off by Rex & Co. in consideration for the starting QB job this season, his fans have begun rallying on Twitter preaching that it is “unfair” of the Bills. Unfair that the […]

Summerslam Predictions by @buffalowins and @sixgunguerilla

Rusev (w/ Summer Rae) vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Lana) Matthew: Try as they might, Vince & co. just can’t get Lana and Ziggler over as a couple. The reunion of Lana and Rusev seems inevitable, but at this point way too early. So what’s the net result here? Well, Rusev is still being pushed as […]