One Fan(n)’s Opinion: BUFFALO WINS

Wow….So, two games into the season, the Bills are 2-0, in sole possession of first place (I know, I know, 2 weeks, shaddup!) and have wins via complete team efforts? Color me impressed. You’re probably thinking – ‘who the heck are you?’ To which you have a point, so let’s back up…. My name’s Rich […]

Beyond the Stats by @nickelcitybills: Preston Brown and the Cornerbacks vs. Chicago

Preston Brown’s Rookie Debut Preston Brown participated in every defensive snap in his first NFL game. In his playing time, the third round pick picked up five tackles and two assisted tackles. Jay Cutler and the Bears targeted Brown in coverage nine times, which totaled 82 receiving yards. All of the passes against Brown were […]

The Home Team

“Home is where you hang your heart.” You may have seen this quote at some point in time in your lives. Perhaps you saw it hanging in someone’s house, posted on Pinterest, or within a craft store, but regardless of where it was written, it’s a phrase that we all can relate to now more […]

@SabresStats Countdown to Hockey Recap

“Is it October yet?” That’s a popular refrain around my household this time of year.  The withdrawal of a summer without hockey is kicking in more and more as the pain of last season becomes more of a distant memory.  The hope of a new day is at the forefront for Sabres fans and that hope, […]

The Buffalo Bills are staying forever and I thank YOU!

As someone who has lived in NYC since 2002, I can tell you that a number of New Yorkers have zero idea where Buffalo is on a map. People laughed when Marshawn Lynch thought Buffalo was like a train ride was away from NYC. I got news for you, a lot of people here think […]

Recap: Bills beat the Bears, 23-20

Well, I’m starting this piece at 5:45 and I’m a bit buzzed, but my adrenaline level for what we just say saw is keeping me up from passing out on my couch. Look, I wish could tell you some sort of prevailing thought on what this win means for the rest of the season. Its […]