Go Racist Team Name!

No, really. Go. Although “political correctness” and “PC” is now hurled as an epithet, within its definition is the radical notion that people should not deliberately be horrible to one another. Sure, Dinesh D’Souza has a right to call the African-American President of the United States a “boy” from the “ghetto“, but you don’t need a sociology degree to realize

With Federal Review of Robert Moses Parkway North Project Underway, Higgins Calls for Swift Action on Removal

As the community gathered to participate in the federal review process for a project to remove the Robert Moses Parkway North Section, Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) continued his call for swift action to fund the project and bring it to construction.  The public session held this week is a requirement of the Federal Highway Administration as a component of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review process. 


Paladino Mistakes Windmill for Giant

The Paladino descent into self-parody continues apace, as he opens up yet another front in his relentless war on everyone. Last week, Gary Orfield, a UCLA professor and head of its Civil Rights Project, complained to the federal Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights about Paladino’s efforts to dictate to and intimidate Orfield and his group. Orfield is not

How to be Creepy

In this article about Cheektowaga politics, I referenced a story that was published on what I called an “irresponsible local website”, which accused Cheektowaga town Councilwoman Diane Benczkowski of working to “suppress” the details of an investigation into allegations of misuse of town resources by politically connected people. I spoke with Ms. Benczkowski on Friday, and she explained that nothing could

Paladino Bullies the Wrong Guy

People of New York, be happy today. Be proud and pleased that you so effectively and decidedly dodged the “Carl Paladino for Governor” bullet that was aimed right at your heart back in 2010. People of Buffalo, be concerned. Concerned not only because Paladino comports himself like a toddler in the throes of a perpetual temper tantrum, but because you

Cheektowaga Politics: Making Other Towns Look Good

Lest anyone think the City of Buffalo or state government in Albany have some sort of monopoly on dirty politics and bad government, Cheektowaga pops up to periodically remind us that stupidity and dysfunction can be found everywhere. Let’s take former chairman of the Cheektowaga Democratic Committee, and current head of the Cheektowaga “Progressive Democrats” club, Frank Max. Although he’s

Cuomo vs. the Teachers

The quoted text below is an open letter to Governor Cuomo penned by seven recent New York State “teachers of the year.” It comes in response to the Governor’s astonishing criticism of teachers—not the teachers’ union, but teachers themselves—during his state of the state address in January. It also comes with the context of something confusingly referred to as the

Chris Collins Sides with Big Telecom on Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is shorthand for the notion that all web traffic should be treated equally. The reason why net neutrality is important can be boiled down to a simple example. Without rules enforcing net neutrality, your internet service provider can deliberately slow down certain content while speeding up other content, and hold internet traffic hostage. This isn’t a hypothetical example
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The Banality of Albany Corruption

Sheldon Silver lost his speakership because he’s been indicted on corruption and bribery charges. So far, it’s been a banner year for antidemocratic and corrupt practices to be shown the light of day. The common denominator is bad government, and why we elect horrible people to 1. ICYMI, the Buffalo School Board has abandoned all pretense of being responsible public