Higgins Announces Vacant Homes Act of 2015

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) joined members of the Distressed Properties Task Force in Western New York to announce the Vacant Homes Act, a bill designed to expedite the sale of underwater homes and foreclosures to prevent the buildup of vacant homes in neighborhoods and communities. 


Six Western New York Students to Attend United States Service Academies

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) announced that six students from his Congressional District will be attending one of the United States Service Academies this year. Service Academy appointments are made based on nominations by a member of Congress or the Vice President.  Each service academy ultimately decides which nominees will be accepted into the school. 


Let’s Talk about Iran

  Economic sanctions have been known to work in the past. We punished the South African apartheid government with sanctions, and that helped bring about change. Burma had suffered under sanctions for years until it decided to re-join the world community a few years ago. We sold Pepsi-Cola to the Soviet Union, and communism fell in 1991. Sanctions haven’t ousted Cuba’s

Let’s Talk about Donald Trump

Yesterday, Donald Trump, who is of German ancestry (Drumpf), Tweeted this: It was quickly deleted after people like John Schindler pointed out that the troops shown in the red stripe are, in fact, wearing the uniform of the dreaded Nazi Waffen-SS, the war criminals who ran the death camps. 1945: “I was only following orders.” …. 2015: “An intern did

Let’s Talk about “Mistakes Were Made” in Campaign Finance

Everyone makes mistakes. The more charitable among us ask people to learn from them, lest they be repeated. When it comes to issues relating to New York’s already comically lax and porous campaign finance regulations, mistakes can certainly be tolerated, but only up to a point. After a while, “mistakes were made” becomes a convenient excuse uttered to avoid criminal

Get To Know WNY’s Presidential Candidates: Buttocks 2016

Western New York boasts three Presidential candidates. If you think Marco Rubio is too green, Donald Trump is too brash, and Jeb Bush is too formulaic, then Republicans ought to take a serious look at Niagara Falls’ own Silvia Stagg. At her website, she rolls through her resume, and adds, Help me to save our endangered world and our precious and

Trump the Lumpenrich

Donald Trump is one of the best cartoon characters of recent times – even Scrooge McDuck seems like a reasonable guy by comparison. McDuck might dive into a pool of gold coins, but he’s known for his frugality. Donald Trump is the flashy caricature of the nouveau riche asshole who gold-plates everything and preens around like an Arab Sheikh. As

Buffalo Provincialism and the Right to Marry

For all of western New York’s charms, things like taxation and political malefaction help to keep Buffalo down. It’s like every two steps forward are met with a step back. But the biggest thing holding us back is our own provincialism. It’s on display every time Carl Paladino denounces the “damn Asians” at UB, and every time any word is