Have You Heard? Buffalo SNUG is Here!

  by Karima Amin It was December of 2009 when Senators Malcolm A. Smith and Antoine Thompson announced the advent of “Operation SNUG” (“guns” spelled backward) and we learned that several Erie County community organizations would receive $500,000 for the prevention of gun violence. At that time, Senator Smith said, “Today marks a turning point […]

Politics: A Business or a Hobby?

  by Alton H Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) The political system emulates the legal system. Lawyers drafted both systems and they are alike in many respects. Voters are required, as groups, and not as individuals, to submit responsive pleadings. In law, it would be called an answer. In politics, it is called an agenda. A group, […]

Six Months in Haiti

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Interesting take on the Duvaliers’ reign over Haiti –> (Afrocentricity International)  and a take with which I differ – Of course mine is not from the standpoint of being a Haitian – but from the standpoint of a militant/activist/artist/entertainer who had the privilege of touring Haiti during the time that Papa […]

Get Your Money Right

  by Ann Brown Never see to save any money? Maybe you’re sabotaging yourself with terrible financial decisions. Here are five bad money habits to break: 1. • Always Overspending: Can’t stop impluse shopping? Before you hit the store have a plan. “Make a shopping list before buying. Think about want versus need,” says Jon […]

Infrastructure and the Outer Harbor Stadium Proposal

  by Pat Freeman The immediate need in Western New York to choose a workable stadium land site that can accommodate the new partnership and formula necessary for a small market to afford an NFL franchise narrows very quickly, and brings us to the outer harbor waterfront site which is shovel ready . The private […]

White Crime, White Immunity

  Charles M. Blow Discussions of the relationship between blacks and the criminal justice system in this country too often grind to a halt as people slink down into their silos and arm themselves with their best rhetorical weapons — racial bias on one side and statistics in which minorities, particularly blacks, are overrepresented as […]

White Paternalism and Negro Politics

  by Alton H Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) Rev. James Bevel, lieutenant of Dr. Martin L. King Jr., hit the nail on the head. Black selected officials in New York are ignorant because the Black masses are ignorant. Intelligent voters would not have ignoramuses representing them except in New York . Black voters in New York […]

Kenny Gamble Reads Black Folks the Riot Act

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: Finally getting my breath and bearings back after some real interesting chains of event over the past month and a half. But that’s another story for another time. With all the madness and confusion, I still managed to attend the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Week End in Washington, […]

Buffalo is Drowning in Cognitive Dissonance

  by Chris Stevenson With the recent announcement of the Buffalo Bills having a new owner committed to keeping the team in Buffalo, it seems on the surface chances for the proposed downtown stadium project just got brighter. For years there is a general fear in Buffalo that blacks will start getting good jobs and […]

Spanking and Abuse

  Charles M. Blow According to reports about the Adrian Peterson felony abuse indictment, Peterson’s 4-year-old son pushed another of Peterson’s sons off a video game. Peterson then retrieved a tree branch — called a “switch” — stripped off its leaves, shoved leaves into the boy’s mouth and beat him with his pants down until […]

President Obama at the United Nations

  by Playthell Benjamin In an extraordinary session of the UN Security Council chaired by President Obama, the question of Islamic Jihadist terrorism – specifically the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant aka ISIL – and what to do about it was explored. Due to the gravity and urgency of the matter, even governments […]

Gloria’s Rebuttal to Paul Street’s Article on Sharpton

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Mr. Street’s derogatory remarks  about my friend, Al Sharpton, as well as his support of people rioting and looting as opposed to taking more constructive, permanent measures to rectify the problems in Ferguson that they themselves have allowed to go on for far to long, shows that he is most likely […]