Should “Negroes” Go to College?

  by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) Dr. John Henrik Clarke answered this question at least two decades ago. With all of the Negro titleholders in the United States, Negroes did not own a toothpick factory. We still do not own a toothpick factory in 2015. This is sad. The answer is HELP. James McCune more

Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.2

  by Poul Bregninge Thousands upon thousands! Pedophiles operate generally across all borders, associations, religious communities, churches and institutions. However, I am fully aware that child molesters also display their activities within the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But do these crimes happen to the extent that different players indirectly seem to suggest? If we take the consequence, more

Why Western New York Must Create A Sports And Entertainment District

  by Pat Freeman The buzz in Western New York since March centers on the future of Professional football, and how can we guarantee that our beloved sport can remain viable in this area. Most of our local sports media people were not prepared to adequately report on this issue accurately based on factual research. more

Let the Truth be Told

  by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux Now I continue to try to avoid confrontation related to the Joe Mascia issue, and my role as campaign manager (former). So let me run a little timeline to put this into perspective. 1. 7-22-15 Approximately 2:30pm I listen to the unedited recording of Mr. Mascia calling several black elected officials more

Don’t Be The High-Maintenance Employee

    by ANN BROWN High maintenance people in the workplace One of the worst things you can be labeled at work is the high-maintenance employee. High-maintenance employees are a drain on most office settings–they decrease productivity, they have negative outlooks, and they are just not pleasant to be around. Signs you are the high-maintenance more

What the President Said

  by Karima Amin For the past few days President Obama has been sharing his thoughts about criminal injustice in Amerikkka. It was quite surprising for me to hear/read him opening up about mass incarceration, solitary confinement, juvenile detention and the racism that defines all of these issues and more. During his first and second more

Asphyxiated by Racism

    by Charles M. Blow Although the mantra “Black Lives Matter” was developed by black women, I often worry that in the collective consciousness it carries with it an implicit masculine association, one that renders subordinate or even invisible the very real and concurrent subjugation and suffering of black women, one that assigns to more

Black Power or “Nigger” Power:

Which is a “Takeover” and Which is an Oxymoron?   by Chris Stevenson Thought I’d write a few notes while sitting in the back of the bus on the way to the plantation (I left my freedom papers at Haul-Ass Moving Service & Storage again). Regarding Mayor Byron Brown, Councilman/Bishop Darius Pridgen, Dr. Catherine Collins, more

Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.1

  by Poul Bregninge   Recently, I sat down to try to attack the issue of pedophilia within the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religious communities from a broader view. The reason that I am interested in the topic is actually very banal, namely the flow of contributions to the debate, which you can read on more

President Obama Takes on Criminal Justice

at the NAACP 106th Annual Convention In Philadelphia, PA – PART 1   by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All! Because this is such an epoch-making address, from the greatest President the US has ever had, I have decided, as much as possible, to include all of the Presidents comments, with some minor commentaries from my self. more

Taking the Charleston Shooting Personally

  by Hope Ferguson In the days following the murder of nine people at a church Bible study in Charleston, we’re seeing Americans engage in a real and meaningful conversation about race. We’re seeing them take seriously the call to take down the Confederate flag, a longstanding symbol of division and white power. Despite the more

Blundering Toward Doomsday!

Russia Expands Nuclear Arsenal for first time since End of Cold War   by Playthell Benjamin There are a lot of smart and reasonable people who cannot conceive of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO as a real possibility. The reasoning of my learned friend Bill Meissner is typical of this group; he is more