President Obama at the United Nations

  by Playthell Benjamin In an extraordinary session of the UN Security Council chaired by President Obama, the question of Islamic Jihadist terrorism – specifically the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant aka ISIL – and what to do about it was explored. Due to the gravity and urgency of the matter, even governments […]

Gloria’s Rebuttal to Paul Street’s Article on Sharpton

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Mr. Street’s derogatory remarks  about my friend, Al Sharpton, as well as his support of people rioting and looting as opposed to taking more constructive, permanent measures to rectify the problems in Ferguson that they themselves have allowed to go on for far to long, shows that he is most likely […]

Ferguson: “Plantation Politics” or “Black Power”

  by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. I learned at Central High School in Newnan, Georgia that critical thinking requires a mastery of fractions in order to call things by their right names. The object is to reduce a fraction to its lowest common denominator. I would apply this approach to all of my high school […]

September 13, 1971: We Remember

  by Karima Amin Every year in September, the monthly meeting of Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. is devoted to commemorating the Attica Prison Rebellion of 1971, the deadliest prison uprising in US history. Although this event is frequently referred to as a “riot,” it was no “riot.” It was a “rebellion,” an uprising that […]

Ray Rice and Domestic Violence

  by Charles M. Blow The sordid Ray Rice scandal has opened a much-needed dialogue about domestic violence. In February Rice and Janay Palmer, then his fiancée and now his wife, had an altercation at an Atlantic City casino that left Palmer unconscious. A tape surfaced of Rice dragging Palmer’s limp body from the elevator, […]

Can Ray Rice Be the Poster Boy for Redemption Instead of Rage?

Once again, a young black man is the symbol of a societal dysfunction. Can we flip the script?   by Hope Ferguson Okay, now that every media outlet, blogger and commentator has piled on to Ray Rice, the former Baltimore Ravens running back, can we all take a deep, deep breath for a minute and […]

The Need for a Legal Defense Fund

  by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. Tonight, United African Movement, Freedom Party and Freedom Retreat for Boys and Girls will start a two-part series on Eric Garner, including the three books Blacks must read, the chokehold applied by rogue cops of the NYPD to Eric Garner to murder him, probable causes for arrests, grand jury […]

Is Obama Drifting Toward War with Russia?

    by Playthell Benjamin Recently President Obama delivered an address on American policy in Eastern Europe as expressed through aims of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – an American led diplomatic dinosaur that should have died out with the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Warsaw Pact in the last […]

Freeman Predicts a 24-17 Bills Win Over Dolphins

  by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills open the home portion of their schedule against arch rival Miami on Sunday. This game should be a great challenge for the hometown team because Miami not only moved the ball against New England last week, but also sacked Tom Brady four times. This will also be the […]

Will There be an ISIS/MS-13 Alliance Starting in Texas?

Charles M. Blow The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, is coming … to Texas? Yes, if you listen to conservatives, particularly those from Texas. First, let’s say this flatly: ISIS is an outrageously barbaric group that poses a real threat to the Middle East in the short term and possibly to Western […]

Zimbabwe President Mugabe tells White People to “Go back to England”

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson I absolutely love President Robert Mugabe – Africa would be much better off, and much further along if the rest of the so-called leaders took the same stance he, Julius Nyrere, Jomo Kenyatta and other intelligent Black leaders took when it came to putting Africa for the Africans first. It’s because […]

Feeling The Musical Vibe Of Cabo Verde’s ELL Cosme

  by ANN BROWN Cabo Verde may be a small island nation off the coast of West Africa, but it’s big on musical traditions. From Cesária Évora to Ildo Lobo to Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes (TLC) to jazz great Horace Silver, singers and musicians of Cabo Verdean heritage have made their mark on various genres […]