Columbia ’68

  by Zachary Husser Dear Gents, The “link” story about what happened during the April, 1968 Student Protest on the Campus of Columbia University is a view through the eyes of several White Folk who watched what was going on as well as some who participated in what White Students did! I can’t validate anything more

Partnering with the Region

Vintage Pro Sports LLC seeks to build privately funded Stadium in Oakland California by Pat Freeman For years many have railed against government subsidizing of professional football franchises. That out cry has usually fallen on death ears of elected officials because no one wants the stigma of losing a professional franchise on their watch. Most more

Can “Ban The Box” Work?

  by Bob Pelshaw Ban the box isn’t even a bandaid. At least bandaids can stop the bleeding and aid healing. Employers will continue to discriminate against all with a criminal record (30% of the population) until we make criminal status a protected class under the Civil Rights Act. Until then felons will continue to more

Is Ben Carson Nuts?

At Best we have an Idiot Savant   by Playthell Benjamin Without a doubt the most interesting thing about the rise of Dr. Ben Carson as a leading candidate for the Republican presidency is that nobody has made an issue of his race. That no one seems to notice this is further evidence of its more

Are Your Emotions Controlling You?

  by Alberta Parish I would like to know how many of you allow your emotions to control you. The emotional state of a man usually determines how well he can handle the adversities that enter his life. Your emotions consist of the inner feelings of happiness, sorrow, love, hate, fear, anger, desire and guilt, more

An Ugly Classroom in South Carolina

“Jive at Five”: Negroes Ruling the Roost   by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) The presence of Richland County Deputy Sheriff Ben Fields, in a classroom this past Monday as a resource officer and his interaction with a black, female student, has caused a national uproar. It is an ugly incident but the firing of more

The Rex Effect Part II

  by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills have continued their downward spiral right into the bye week by losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London . This was the second straight start for E.J. Manuel who started very slow turning the ball over on two interceptions, and one fumble that led to 14 Jacksonville points. more

Rucker Royalty at 50th Anniversary Reunion During Harlem Week

    by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: One thing about it, when they come together to celebrate you in New York City, they leave nothing to half meastures. And this was certainly the case at the 50th Anniversary of the famed Rucker Games of Harlem. The Celebration of Rucker Pro Legends Fiftieth Anniversary was awesome. more

Career & Pregnancy:

The Motherhood Dilemma     by: ANN BROWN   Joyce Brewer, former news anchor, Emmy Award-winning TV journalist and now a parenting talk show host, waited until she was 36 to marry, and until 37 to have a child. Joyce Brewer, former news anchor, Emmy Award-winning TV journalist and now a parenting talk show host, more

The Work Needs YOU!

  by Karima Amin   Here in Buffalo there are meetings, forums, panels, rallies, gatherings, demonstrations, teach-ins and conferences everyday. On a daily basis, those of us who care about social justice are scrambling for time, stretching our energies, and striving to make Western New York, and the world, better. There is so much work more

The Rex Effect

  by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills fell to the Cincinnati Bengals 34-21 before another sold out Ralph Wilson Stadium. This was third home loss in a row for the Bills who fell to 3-3 with one game left before the bye week against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London England this Sunday at 9:30AM. The more

Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.4

  by Poul Bregninge Conclusion Child abuse is probably far more widespread than we can imagine today. Therefore I think that all children brought up within the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who claim to have been sexually abused, must be taken very seriously. This should be the starting point. Why? Because normal sexuality is in fact still more