From Eric Garner and Michael Brown to the Ballot Box

  by Charles M. Blow There seems to be a new age of activism rising. From Occupy Wall Street, to the “Stop Watching Us” march against government surveillance, to the Moral Monday protests, to the People’s Climate March, to the recent nationwide protests over the killings of men and boys of color by police, there […]

“Don’t Bother Me: I’m Coon Huntin”

  by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War) The first narrative in 100 Years of Lynching was about Coweta County, Georgia. This lynching gave Dr. W.E.B. DuBois a new perspective on white supremacy but it would take a long time for it to sink in. At the time, he was a professor at Atlanta University. The […]

A Breath of Common Sense may be Hitting Buffalo

  by Chris Stevenson Recent national controversy regarding police chokeholds may be doing former Buffalo Police Officer Cariol J. Horne a favor. At least it stands to make things easier for Ellicott District Councilman and President Pastor Darius Pridgen. As some of you are aware of, the Buffalo Common Council is in the middle of […]

Bill Cosby and Job

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson This past month has seen the reputation of a man I admire, an Icon, and a brother who has spent his life doing good things for people, trashed in the court of public opinion. The social media has locked on to the multiple allegations of rape against Dr. William H. “Bill” […]

Hulk Hogan and the Demon

  by Charles M. Blow The reaction to the failure of the grand jury to indict in the shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer, Darren Wilson, touched something deep and ancient and anguished in the black community. Yes, on one level, the reaction was about the particulars of […]

Blacks in New York are Turning Deaf Ears to Black Victims

  by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) After I was fired from Harlem Assertion of Rights in 1976 for refusing to betray the parents and students of Cooper Junior High School, 120th Street and Madison Avenue in Harlem, I started to practice criminal law. This firing had been prompted by the “Gang of Four” to […]

Are You Ready for some Footbaaaaaaall? The Ike Turner Football League!

  by Chris Stevenson The head-slap didn’t go away after all, players just moved it from the turf to the carpets of their homes. Or as in one case to the elevator of a casino. The TMZ (9/8/14) video footage of Ray Rice formerly of the Baltimore Ravens will be looked upon as the breaking […]

Taking Another Look:

Through a Restorative Justice Lens   by Karima Amin Several years ago at one of our monthly meetings, we screened the film “Prison Song,” a 2001 film, produced by B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television), starring Mary J. Blige (R&B diva) and Q-Tip (rapper from “A Tribe Called Quest). Upon viewing, our follow-up discussion centered upon the […]

Is The NYPD Trying To Harass Rachel Noerdlinger Out Of Her Position?

  by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: For those of you who thought that New York had somehow changed its stripes and become more open, positive, tolerant and sophisticated, now that Bill deBlasio is Mayor, and the first lady is Black, guess again. It’s as much a police state now as it was under Rudy Giuliani […]

Republican Viagra:

They won because they resisted their normal urge to sound like a hate-group or cult   by Chris Stevenson “The average whitey, all he wants to do is drink his beer and watch his football. They don’t want the country run by the religious right.”- Walter (last name withheld for his protection. lol), an old […]

Is Russell Wilson Black Enough?

Who is Blacker: Smart Afro-Americans or dumbass-Niggas?   by Playthell Benjamin In the aftermath of the sudden release of highly-touted wide receiver Percy Harvin from the world champion Seattle Seahawks football team, we hear some black members of the Seahawks think that their superstar quarterback who led them to a Super Bowl victory last year […]