Black Power or “Nigger” Power:

Which is a “Takeover” and Which is an Oxymoron?   by Chris Stevenson Thought I’d write a few notes while sitting in the back of the bus on the way to the plantation (I left my freedom papers at Haul-Ass Moving Service & Storage again). Regarding Mayor Byron Brown, Councilman/Bishop Darius Pridgen, Dr. Catherine Collins, ...read more

Attempt to Update a Controversial Issue pt.1

  by Poul Bregninge   Recently, I sat down to try to attack the issue of pedophilia within the Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religious communities from a broader view. The reason that I am interested in the topic is actually very banal, namely the flow of contributions to the debate, which you can read on ...read more
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President Obama Takes on Criminal Justice

at the NAACP 106th Annual Convention In Philadelphia, PA – PART 1   by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All! Because this is such an epoch-making address, from the greatest President the US has ever had, I have decided, as much as possible, to include all of the Presidents comments, with some minor commentaries from my self. ...read more

Taking the Charleston Shooting Personally

  by Hope Ferguson In the days following the murder of nine people at a church Bible study in Charleston, we’re seeing Americans engage in a real and meaningful conversation about race. We’re seeing them take seriously the call to take down the Confederate flag, a longstanding symbol of division and white power. Despite the ...read more

Blundering Toward Doomsday!

Russia Expands Nuclear Arsenal for first time since End of Cold War   by Playthell Benjamin There are a lot of smart and reasonable people who cannot conceive of a nuclear war between Russia and NATO as a real possibility. The reasoning of my learned friend Bill Meissner is typical of this group; he is ...read more

Imitation of Blacks

  by Charles M. Blow Rachel Dolezal, a woman with no known black heritage, has apparently, through an elaborate scheme of deception and denial, claimed for years to be a product of black heritage. This has sparked a national conversation about how race is constructed and enforced, to what extent it is cultural and experiential, ...read more

My Memories of B.B. King and My Dad, James E. Frazier

both from the vicious Jim Crow South   by Zachary Husser jr. Dear Family of Friends Network, I’m just coming in with my memories of the “Iconic Blues Master,” Mr. B.B. King. Even though I knew Brother B.B. had many health issues he was dealing with the past five years or more, I was very ...read more


“Fighting Fire With Fire”   by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) The Freedom Party, this Wednesday evening, will be asked to assist a young man, within the legal limits of the law, to initiate a legal action. The Freedom Party should already have within its employ, an attorney, an accountant and an office manager/legal secretary. ...read more

June is Black Music Month:

SALUTING MANDRILL INC., GARNIKA, THE NEW MUSIC SEMINAR AND BLACK MUSICIANS THE WORLD OVER!   by Gloria Dulan-Wilson Hello All: As you all know – or should – June is BLACK MUSIC MONTH! This is the time we come together to salute some of the most creative, talented and influential segment of our people – ...read more

A Month O’ Celebrations

  by Karima Amin The month of June always brings on thoughts of celebrations: graduations, weddings, birthdays… my own, my son’s, and my sister Wendy’s special day. For PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, INC., June is the month to celebrate our anniversary. This year on June 29, we will celebrate 10 years of activism in this ...read more

Buccaneers Player Tim Wright To Host Youth Sports-Academic Camp June 26

  by Ann Brown The news is usually loaded with drama-filled stories about Black athletes, but Tim Wright is disproving the stereotype. The celebrated tight end, who recently joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from the New England Patriots, is creating a more positive image of the African-American baller. He recently launched the Timothy Wright Foundation ...read more

Buffalo Bills Preview- Defense

  by Pat Freeman The Buffalo Bills enter the 2015-2016 seasons with a strange hope of optimism among the faithful fans of Western New York. Finally it looks like enough talent has been assembled to put a play off caliber team on the field. The first area of the team that I would like to ...read more