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Election Day In America

It's Election Day in America and policy is an internet meme. I know this because I made more than a few of them myself. What will Medicare be? Who feels more deeply the plight of the middle class? Who loves Christ the King? Who will represent whi...
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There's an election today. Make way for Change; stand aside for Same. War is in the air: Boldly strum acoustic guitars for Peace. Beat drums. Peace drums, War drums... Beat them Marching and in Circles.
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Chris Collins Thinks Substance Is For Suckers

Submitted for your skepticism. That's an email sent by Chris Collins to supporters just a few days after GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney chose Medicare hatchet-man Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate. It's not surprising that Collins ...
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Late Edition Genesee Christmas Cash Mob

Hey folks, I know it's been a little while, but you know I wouldn't let the Christmas consumer spirit pass us by without a little Cash Mob Action. You know the drill, vote for your favorite Genesee County...

Police Aggression And The Occupy Movement

In Oakland Tuesday night, riot police were deployed to deal with the peaceful Occupy Oakland protesters. After systematically blocking main avenues and side streets during a march, the police penned in...