Bluebeard, Chihuly and the BPO

Question: What weighs 9,000 pounds, comes in an assortment of 176 pieces  up to 15 feet in length  and has a combined value of $1.5 million? Answer:  Dale Chiluly’s striking glass set that will highlight the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra’s “October 1st performance of composer Bela Bartok’s opera, BlueBeard’s  Castle  The glass artwork set was created […]

Quote of the Day 9.29.14

“The sets are all made up of individual pieces and they’re pretty sturdy. We just pack them up, then put them back together, and pack a few extra pieces . . . just in case.”–renown Glass Artist, Dale Chihuly on transporting his Bluebeard’s Castle stage set.

Defining Family

What is it that defines family? Blood? Yes. Genetics? Certainly. Heritage? Always.Tradition? Undoubtedly. Yet there is something more to family. Something that can only be defined as a bond, not only through birth, but through the evolution of shared life experiences. And that is what defined my deep connection to my mother-in-law of twenty five years, Evelyn Abt Beechler. To […]

Quote of the Day 9.11.14

“If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call, what would you say and why are you waiting?”— Stephen Levine, American poet, author and teacher best known for his work on death and dying.  

Thirteen Years Later

It’s still unimaginable. Terrorist acts of vengenance on American soil, killing almost three thousand people. Like any stunning tragedy, we all have stories of where we were, what we were doing, when those first surreal images of The World Trade Center appeared on televised bulletins. Thirteen years later those memories still remain strong. For me, I was sitting […]

The Ever-Expanding Culinary World of Mike A

Guests arrayed in denim to designer overflowed the Art Deco bistro, spilling out into the elegant Hotel Lafayette hallway. Uniformed servers effortlessly wove through the crowd, balancing trays of sophisticated foods served with black cocktail napkins, each bearing a signature logo. Wine flowed, conversation resonated and the atmosphere was charged with awareness of a special […]

Quote of the Day 9.7.14

“I like the idea of bringing out dishes in bold flavors and smaller sizes rather than big plates of food, giving diners the opportunity to share dishes and taste different things.”—WNY Chef Mike Andrzejewski

Bitch Defined

Ten years ago I was hired as the marketing director of a WNY continuing care retirement community.  It was a great job with a big salary, a staff of 5 and a community of almost 100 seniors to sustain and grow. There were only two drawbacks to this gig–I was hired for my community connections more […]

Quote of the Day 8.23.14

“You know it’s going to be a great story when it starts out with…..’So this bitch’ “.—unknown

Quote of the Day 8.20.14

” I pray that it will challenge our government to look deeply within and find a way to protect courageous Americans, humanitarian workers, journalists, who do this.” -Diane Foley, mother of executed American journalist, James Foley

Not Even in a Novel

I an currently reading a novel written by Brad Thor. The title is Act of War. It’s a military thriller with the story line of America fights the bad guys and ends up winning, despite all the odds, This action-packed novel has caused me to wonder how often American operatives actually go behind enemy lines […]