Road Signs For Life

Last season’s cold, cruel winter left pothole disasters on pretty much all the roads in my community. As a result, municipal repair crews seem to be tearing up, patching and repaving every blacktopped driving surface on which I drive, from back roads to major highways. Part and parcel of such work are the cautionary signs posted alongside the […]

To Be or Not To Be….A Successful Author Pt 2

Last week I wrote a blog titled, “To Be or Not To Be….A Successful Author”.  It focused on a critique I’d received about Crown Hill from someone directly connected to the “Big League” world of publishing. To summarize, this person told me that no publisher was ever going to be interested in Crown Hill as it has not sold tens of […]

Quote of the Day 4.24.15

“Readers are often fans of authors, but I, myself, am a fan of readers. They are the ones who breathe life into the pages that we give birth to, after all.” —Janae Mitchell, best selling YA author

To Be or Not To Be… A Successful Author

Recently, someone close to me suggested that I was being unrealistic about my Crown Hill journey. Specifically he stated the fact that I haven’t yet sold 10,000 books would discourage a literary agency or a publisher from signing me or publishing/promoting Crown Hill. He added that while he wasn’t trying to be mean, from his perspective Crown Hill sales […]

Quote of the Day 4.17.15

“The road to publication can be rough, take snacks and a friend.”― Elizabeth Hein, author

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

If you are looking for a special gift for your mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, godmother or remarkable woman who has made a difference in your life, how about a personalized, signed copy of Crown Hill? To view in a new window click on the link: Mother’s Day Flyer

Quote of the Day 4.8.15

“Publishing is a business. Writing may be art, but publishing, when all is said and done, comes down to dollars”.— Nicholas Sparks    

Best Seller Status is No Guarantee

One of the most meaningful parts of the Crown Hill National Tour are the people I meet along the way, each adding their own special imprint to the overall experience. In reviewing my recent my Crown Hill Indy Road Trip there is one person who keeps coming to mind from a random encounter that occurred […]

An Honorary Degree

I am not a college graduate, nor did my parents advance beyond twelfth grade in their formal educations. The same is true for most generations of my family as far as our roots extend. That’s why I am exceedingly proud of both of my children who not only attained undergraduate degrees, but master’s degrees as well. Interestingly, my well-educated off-spring attended […]

Quote of the Day 4.3.15

“You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream”.                                                           […]

Some Brunching Broads and Destiny

My Crown Hill journey has been filled with destiny from that very first day I walked through the doors of my home in the summer of 1979. So, as my story and Crown Hill’s continue to weave together and unfold, I am never surprised by the synchronicity that defines our shared world. This past week, I […]