Chic Culture & Cuisine @ Kuni’s

Take one large slice of favorite local pub, wrap it in a touch of class and drizzle with great flavor and you'll have a sense of what you'll get at Kuni's

BBQ with a Buzz @ Dinosaur

It's more than the cool stuff hanging on the walls and the motorcycles hanging outside, but that doesn't hurt. Good beer and food helps...

Poppyseed – Salad Heaven

The Fall Harvest Salad is a family favorite- Diced walnuts, raisins, roasted sun seeds, fresh sliced apples, mandarin ...

Eat Crab Until it Hurts

All you can eat crab legs! What more can you say? Add butter, maybe lemon, definitely beer, and EAT.

Chefs Serves up Garage Pizza

After years of filling up people in western New York with Italian food the owners at Chef's have decided to offer some pizza
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Doors Open at Ulrich’s Tavern

Ulrich's Tavern, Buffalo's oldest existing tavern, founded in 1868, will open their doors softly this Wednesday night from 6:00- 11:00 pm.