How Do We Encourage More Citizen Participation With Local Government?

We need more citizen participation at the local government level. The National Research Center (NRC), a firm that conducts citizen surveys for more than 200 communities, compiled data on the types of residents who are most active. Overall, only 19 percent of Americans recently surveyed contacted their local elected officials over a 12-month . . . → Read More: How Do We Encourage More Citizen Participation With Local Government?

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Measuring Innovation In Government

The Partnership for Public Service a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving how the federal government works, does a survey every year regarding innovation.

The survey asks federal employees three interesting questions regarding creativity and innovation:

- Do you feel encouraged to come up with new and better ways of doing things?

- Are . . . → Read More: Measuring Innovation In Government


Williamsville Passes Open Government Policy

Many communities around the country large and small are taking proactive steps to operate their local government in a more open and transparent way. A first step is often the passage of a resolution that commits the municipality to open government and the formation of a committee devoted to developing an open government . . . → Read More: Williamsville Passes Open Government Policy


Boca Raton Goes Lean

The City of Boca Raton Florida (population 87,000), has begun implementing Lean. Lean is a process for continuous improvement that many organizations in the public and private sector have adopted. As stated in their first Lean Newsletter:

Lean: Lean is about rethinking what we do and how we do it. Lean is a . . . → Read More: Boca Raton Goes Lean

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Oakland Creates An Open Government Tool

Some cities like Oakland are committed to open government and some cities like Buffalo are not. In previous posts I have discussed the problem with obtaining information from the City of Buffalo.

The City of Oakland working with Code For America have created a great app called RecordTrac. RecordTrac provides an easy on-line . . . → Read More: Oakland Creates An Open Government Tool

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Do Not Hit The Car In Front Of You!

Often times the biggest problem with government bureaucracy is the inability to keep things simple. Something as simple as a street sign can be made a nightmare by some bureaucrat. Check out this school zone traffic sign as an example, which I wrote about in a previous post.

Try to make sense . . . → Read More: Do Not Hit The Car In Front Of You!

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Democracy New Hampshire Style

A recent analysis by Jim Heaney, documented the declining rate of voting taking place in Buffalo. Only 20% of registered Democrats voted in the Buffalo Mayor primary election. The number of people participating in school board elections is even worse at 7%.

The state of New Hampshire ranks higher than the national average . . . → Read More: Democracy New Hampshire Style