It Happened Here

Type: Documentary (Netflix)Release Date:  2014Director: Lisa F JacskonDuration: 1 hr 16 minsMy Rating: 9/10Overview: When I was a senior at Buffalo State College in Western New York, I experienced what you could say was a "close call."I was leaving my night class and took a shortcut across campus to get to my car a little faster. The shortcut was not very well lit, but I was extra alert and walked swiftly to my car.Before I had the chance to put my keys in the [...]

5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Read

You finish a book and sit there thinking, 'Now what...'Often times, I read a book so emotionally draining or one with a great impact and I'm left wondering what I should read next.Here are 5 tips I keep in mind when choosing my next read.1. Mood- My mood is a huge factor when choosing the next book to read. If I'm in a happy mood, I don't want to read something traumatic or too intense and vice versa. I want something that will match my mood, or in some cases, help change my mood if need be. &n [...]

Free Coffee Episode 6 – Michelle Sudyn

This is an interview podcast hosted by Sean Marciniak. His guest is Michelle Sudyn. She is a neuroscientist and lucid dreamer. Produced by Robert Emhof     Downloadable File   @SeanMarciniak

The Martian 

​Type: MovieDirector: Ridley ScottRelease Date: 10/02/2015Duration: 141 minutes My Rating: 8/10Overview:  Mark Watney, astronaut and botanist, is wounded during a mission to Mars and presumed dead. His fellow space men and women need to abort the mission and leave abruptly to avoid a mega storm coming their way and are unable to find Mark before launching.Little do they know, Mark wakes up the next day, alive, and the s [...]

How To Get Away With Murder

Type: Television ShowNetwork: ABC (Season 1 on Netflix)Release Date: September 2014Producer: Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal)Rating: 9/10Overview: Annalise Keating is the criminal defense attorney we'd all dream of having if we were ever formally charged of a crime. She's fierce, relentless and will stop at nothing to protect her clients.Outside of business hours, Annalise is also a law professor in hopes of enriching young minds, or rather, helping sculpt their brains into thinking [...]


I have a few milestone accomplishments to announce....As of today, my site has now been live for over six months. I've spent countless hours writing my reviews and tweaking my site to make it the best it could possibly be.Upon looking at my stats, this week I have now acquired over 50,000 page views!!!!Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my blog this year! [...]

American Wife

Type: AudiobookAuthor: Taya Kyle with Jim DeFelice Narrated By: Taya KylePublication Date: May 4th, 2015Duration: 9 hrs 53 minsMy Rating: 9.5/10​Overview: Chris Kyle was the deadliest sniper in American history. He had more recorded kills than any other Seal. After respectfully leaving his fellow frog-men behind, he was brutally murdered by a fellow veteran. Chris was trying to help this man overcome his “PTSD” in his home state of Texas. He was a true American hero who not only left [...]

Black Mass

Type: MovieDirector: Scott Cooper Release Date: 9/18/2015Duration: 122 minutes My Rating: 7/10Overview:  Black Mass delves deep into the true story of Jimmy "Whitey" Bulger, one of Southie's infamous gangsters. Whitey had his filthy hands in all things illegal within Boston's harshest neighborhoods. From money laundering, drug dealing, to robbery and murder, Whitey had done it all.Soon enough, Whitey would strike up an alliance with the FBI whic [...]

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Author: Jeff LindsayRelease Date:  January, 2004Pages:  288 (Paperback)Rating: 7/10Overview: Dexter Morgan is a serial killer hiding in plain view. How? He's a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Homicide. Ironic, right?However, Dexter is no ordinary serial killer. His victims all have something in common; they are criminals and killers themselves.Dexter lives by a certain "code" to kill only those who deserve to have their lives taken.When a n [...]

Audible Sale

Merry Christmas Everyone!Yes, today is Christmas if you're a football fan... GOOOO BILLS!In lieu of the "holiday" treat yourself to Audible's "Win-Win" sale running through 9/20/2015.Audible members can choose from 200+ books for only $4.95 each.Some eye-catching titles include, Brain on Fire, Zoo, An Abundance of Katherines and so many more.I purchased American Wife, narrated by Taya Kyle herself!Enjoy your bargain books! [...]