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Political Buzz – 1.31.13

Democratic Political Strategist Steve Pigeon and Former New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino tackle the issue of the NY SAFE Act and other g...
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Good Riddance

  Whenever Buffalo Niagara Partnership President Andrew Rudnick's name comes up, the first question most Western New Yorkers ask is, "How has he been able to keep that job so long? As Brian Higgins pointed out awhile ago, the Partnership has lon...
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Thompson hired due to his writing skills?

  In what may be the funniest line from 2012, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is now saying he hired Antoine Thompson to his new $79,000/yr position because of Thompson's "terrific writing skills." Don't blame me. I voted for Mickey Paladino in 2009....
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News and notes from the election

  Some notes collected while thinking about how much Bill Paxon loved Western New York... -Voters in Kenmore should be embarrassed at reelecting Assemblyman Robin Schimminger to his 35th consecutive year in Albany. So much for temporary positions...
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Off Tifft St.

  The power of the blog. I was in McDonald's the other morning and I overheard some older gentlemen (who probably don't own computers) discussing neighborhood issues. One of the guys brought up Mickey Paladino to the crowd and was immediately sh...
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Mickey Paladino

  I found it funny that Mickey Paladino was upset with my recent post about his $7.50/hr job offer to a good friend of mine. What Mickey needs to realize is, that's what I do. If someone lies or takes credit for something they have nothing to do ...
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Rental cars and the Birther movement

Photo by Barbara Wingate This is a story that will have a lot of people talking around WNY. Local developer Carl Paladino has gotten complaints from a few of his customers at Thrifty Rental Cars (Yes, Carl owns one of those, too.) Apparently, ...
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Buffalo Tiger-Cats

  Moving all the Bills' home games to Hamilton, Ontario is a terrific idea, said nobody ever. Local developer Rocco Termini must be jealous of Carl Paladino hogging the "crazy" label all for himself if he thinks people will fall for this. I don'...
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Q&A: Larry Quinn

Posted in Q & A

Larry Quinn, once a boy wonder, turned 60 earlier this year. He’s a couple of years removed by his tenure as managing partner of the Buffalo Sabres and membership on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. During his carrer, he served as development commissioner under Mayor Jimmy Griffin and later oversaw the construction of what [...]

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