Bills Fans Losing Interest in TV Games

  If Buffalo Bills Owner Ralph Wilson is going to fire Coach Chan Gailey after the season, it probably will be because so many fans have been turned off by his play-calling and game-day decisions that they have lost interest in the team they love, which could affect season ticket sales. One indication that it may [...]

White House Comedy Gets Lukewarm Endorsement

Imagine if the late John Belushi were a member of the First Family. Then you have “1600 Penn,” the new cartoonish NBC comedy that is getting a special preview at 9:30 tonight on Channel 2 following the final performance show of “The Voice.” I’m sure I’m not the only TV critic who would characterize the [...]

Cheers to WGR’s Simon and The Bucky and Sully Show

With the Bills not playing until 4:05 p.m. and time on my hands, I’ve decided to write a special Sunday edition of Sports on the Air. Cheers to WGR-AM morning co-host Howard Simon, who Friday earned one of Channel 2’s Red Coats for asking Bills General Manager Buddy Nix the tough questions about Coach Chan [...]

American Horror Story Is Uncomfortable to Watch

Unimaginable. Unspeakable. Unbelievable. Unbearable. To all those descriptions of the horror in Newtown, Conn. Friday that led to the shooting deaths of so many young children 11 days before Christmas, add the word uncomfortable. It was uncomfortable to watch the television coverage of what arguably could be the most horrific mass murder since the Oklahoma City [...]

Some Deadly “Homeland” Speculation

  I was talking to a local television executive recently about the season finale of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” when he practically stopped me in mid-sentence. He had to stop watching the finale about halfway through it and didn’t want to know how the season ended. Then he gave some predictions about the fate of Bobby [...]

Love of Technology, Leonard and The Newsroom

Some quick notes before I start grading college papers: I Love Technology almost as much as I Love New York. I don’t understand it, but I love it. I came home around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, went on Twitter and learned that Bruce Springsteen had opened the 12/12/12 concert an hour earlier and I had missed [...]

A Great Debate Over Grading the Bills

This seems to be the week that I wage debates with a couple of Buffalo News sportswriters who I greatly admire. On Sunday, I had a Twitter debate with Mike Harrington over whether the Buffalo Bills should have gone for two points after they took a 12-7 lead over the St. Louis Rams late in [...]

Fox’s Martz More Critical Than Sportswriters

  I think Buffalo Bills Coach Chan Gailey should hire a sportswriter or sportscaster to stand next to him on the sideline at games. After all, sportswriters seem to know all the answers and have the game-day instincts that the coach has failed to have in maddening losses like Sunday’s 15-12 defeat to the St. [...]

Top 10 Shows To Enjoy During December Break

We have hit the rerun season. Most series have wound down with so-called winter finales before they start up again after the New Year. As a friend told me recently, it is odd that they are called winter finales since the winter hasn’t officially started yet. With most series going into reruns, viewers have to devise some [...]

WUTV Gets Christmas Bonus from Bills Game

This blog is an early Christmas present for those readers who miss the old Saturday feature Sports on the Air in the Buffalo News. WUTV owes local restaurateur Russell Salvatore a bigger thank you than Buffalo Bills fans do. By stepping up to the plate and buying enough tickets to Sunday’s Bills-game with St. Louis to [...]