Clarence IDA Tax-A-Break-tion!

"The decision of Clare-Ida will be award the most tax incentive dollars to the mots frivolous petition before us...."
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Good Riddance

  Whenever Buffalo Niagara Partnership President Andrew Rudnick's name comes up, the first question most Western New Yorkers ask is, "How has he been able to keep that job so long? As Brian Higgins pointed out awhile ago, the Partnership has lon...
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Ch.2′s “Daybreak” Dominates; Election Polls Tested

The departures of Joe Arena and Victoria Hong from Channel 4’s “Wake Up” have taken a toll on the morning news program. Hurricane Sandy didn’t have much of a negative impact on Western New York but it had a huge impact on local news ratings. Channel 2 News is solidifying its leads at 5 p.m. [...]
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Brian Davis off to the pen

Disgraced Councilmember Brian Davis did an exit interview with channel 2 yesterday. According to Davis, the $48,000 (that we know of) of taxpayer dollars that he has admitted to stealing was part of a series of misunderstandings. The result of slopp...
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Important news conference

  After several lengthy meetings, Mayor Byron Brown has announced that Halloween may be postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. Seriously, this is probably the most important thing this man has done all week. It's too bad, because I was going to walk...
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Hochul-Collins TV buys – $4M and counting

Posted in Co-produced with WGRZView Video iPost analysis of television ad buys in Buffalo and Rochester shows spending of nearly $4 million, with 10 days left in the race. Collins in outspending Hochul thanks to PAC support. And the number of spots a...
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Panel makes case for watchdog journalism

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By Jeremy Izzio More watchdog, less lapdog. That’s the prescription David Cay Johnston, president of Investigative Reporters and Editors, offered for American journalism Tuesday to an audience of about 140 people at Burchfield Penny Art Center. Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize winner and best selling author, headed a panel to consider “The State of Investigative Reporting” [...]

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Buffalo Tiger-Cats

  Moving all the Bills' home games to Hamilton, Ontario is a terrific idea, said nobody ever. Local developer Rocco Termini must be jealous of Carl Paladino hogging the "crazy" label all for himself if he thinks people will fall for this. I don'...