Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand called for a revival of the “Rosie the Riveter” campaign Friday to galvanize women to become economically empowered during a round-table discussion with local female business owners and entrepreneurs.

The junior senator from New York said she would sponsor a bill for a $6,000 tax credit to reduce the high cost of day care — a major impediment for women aspiring to own a business or advance in their careers.

About 40 people attended the discussion held at Sweet_ness 7 Cafe on Grant Street, a West Side woman-owned business.

“Right now we need our generation of Rosie the Riveters,” Gillibrand said, refering to the icon of the women who worked in the factories during World War II. “Our economy, our country needs women on the front lines of job growth and innovation.”

But women continue to be hindered by lower pay, fewer opportunities in the workforce and family obligations, she said.

“My goal through these round-tables is to solicit your feedback for solutions to help empower and create economic opportunities for New York’s women,” she said, “and provide valuable resources for advancement in today’s economy.”

Women in attendance came from both the public and private sectors and spoke of the need for more training and funding for women in high-tech industries.