U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood renewed the call Tuesday for the passage of President Barack Obama‘s $447 billion American Jobs Act, despite doubts that the measure is finding much traction in either chamber of Congress.

The act, which Obama introduced before a joint session of Congress last month, contains provisions totaling about $3 billion for building and upgrading transportation infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and airports in New York state.

“I know New Yorkers are ready to get back to work,” said Gillibrand, a New York Democrat. “It’s time for all in Congress to heed the call of the American people, come together, and set the right policies that can put people back to work rebuilding this country.”

There are 194 projects planned for the 2012 fiscal year in the Capital Region alone, according to the state Department of Transportation. Some of the projects include a $26.8 million repair of the Rexford Bridge over the Mohawk River in Schenectady County, and completion of the $11.6 million rehabilitation and repaving work on the Dunn Memorial Bridge between Albany and Rensselaer.