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John Beck is a bad quarterback and the Washington Redskins have a bad offensive line.

– Is it bad that I love watching Mike Shanahan lose? It’s not like I’m a spurned lover, but that guy was offered the world by the Bills and he responded with a “Naw, I’m good.” Guy looked emotionless and I know he’s not used to failure, but that team is really lacking in talent.

– Sure appears the Bills can have success with Marcel Dareus at the nose. Two-and-a-half sacks for MD (Dr. Sack, Pt. II?), and he was downright cliche-able all night: disruptive, immense and nearly impossible to block.

Have I mentioned that I love our biggest defensive factor wearing No 99? I always feel like your best linebacker should be 55 and your best lineman should be 99. Halfway there.

– Kirk Morrison’s sack was the reminiscent of another Bills No. 58. Which one? I don’t know, but not Aaron Maybin.

– What else do you want to say about Fred Jackson? He’s a tough mudder.

– Dwan Edwards and Spencer Johnson had sensational afternoons. There have been doubts about Spencer’s ability to play stand-up as an outside backer, but he is giving faith to the doubters. Edwards is a big, strong man. Buddy Nix deserves a high-five for the risk he took on No. 98 given his injury history.

– Fitz has thrown a lot of bad interceptions in his day, but I wouldn’t count his offering to Fletcher as one of them. My gut instinct was that the Skins committed pass interference and replay seemed to confirm this notion. It was borderline, but I’m okay with the toss.

– Scott Chandler has 15 catches this year. Of those 15, six have gone for six (including this week’s brilliant sideline work). Most touchdowns for a Bills tight end since who? Jay Riemersma? Tim Euhus? Michael Gaines?

– We get it, Troy Aikman, you hate the wildcat with Brad Smith.

– Kudos to Chan Gailey for not abandoning the run and allowing Fred Jackson to find his big runs amongst the smaller ones.

– Fitz’s career high for completion percentage in a season entering this campaign was 59.4 percent. Today, Fitzmagic posted a 78 percent mark in addition to the work that had him at 66.3 percent before the game. He’s got a nice little partnership going with Thomas Chandler Gailey.

"Now what you do, Ryan, is throw the ball to guys ahead of you with the hopes of scoring touchdowns."

– The Skins really missed Santana Moss. Buffalo’s defensive backs did not have anything near a true threat to account for in the passing game.

– John Beck has now started two of his nine NFL games against the Bills, posting a 21 of 35 success rate for 214 yards, two interceptions, 12 sacks and a fumble lost. Downright Edwardsian.

Stat line I liked…

Jairus Byrd, three tackles, one sack, one interception

– Sure it took a Redskin falling down to generate his centerfield INT, but it works for me.

Stat line I didn’t like…

London Fletcher, 19 tackles, .5 sack, interception

– When did Fletcher turn into a whiney baby? Yes, we know the Bills didn’t offer you a massive contract despite some years of good service and an underappreciation for your skills in pass coverage. That said, celebrating after your borderline hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick was not awesome. More awesome? Watching Scott Chandler beat you for a neat little touchdown gathering. Peace, LFB.

Game ball(s)…

Dareus and Jackson.

– One for each side of the ball.


Next week…

Home to the Jets for the Bills biggest game since that fateful January loss to the Steelers many moons ago with Drew Bledsoe under center. Honestly, I love the Bills chances to go 6-2, though I think New York will have plenty to say about it. If Fred Jackson gets moving — and I think he will — the Bills should drain the clock and make Mark Sanchez try to beat them. Call it Buffalo 17, New York 13.

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