This afternoon, the Common Council adopted an amended version of the Mayor’s Recommended 2012 Capital Improvement Program and Budget.

In total, the changes made by the Council amounted to $250,000 in the $22 million dollar spending plan. The Council added money to the budget for the following projects:

$75,000 for Buffalo Riverfront Park Access Improvements
$50,000 for North District Infrastructure Improvements
$50,000 for Hertel Streetscape Improvements
$75,000 for Niagara District Infrastructure Improvements

With the concurrence of the City’s Administration, the Council decreased funding in the Mayor’s Recommended Capital Improvement Program and Budget for the following project:

$250,000 for Building Abatements

The Council’s adoption of this year’s Capital Improvement Program and Budget is well ahead of the Charter mandated deadline of December 15th. The Council expedited their review as part of a City-wide effort to accelerate the process of authorizing and selling bonds to fund the award of needed work and improvements throughout the City. The Council anticipates that its action will enable capital funds to be available in early spring of 2012, rather than at the beginning of summer, as has occurred in past years.

Council Majority Leader and Lovejoy District Council Member Richard Fontana thanked all of the parties involved in this year’s Capital Budget process – the Citizen’s Planning Commission, the Mayoral Administration, the Comptroller’s office and especially his Council colleagues. He commended them for their fiscal discipline and for working together on a Capital Program and Budget that is in the best interest of the City and its taxpayers.

Council Finance Committee Chairman and South District Council Member Michael Kearns remarked that “we made a conscious effort this year to expedite our review process so that the City would have as much flexibility as possible in the timing of when we go to the bond market, as well as to maximize the amount of work that can be completed with this funding during the construction season.”