Like a prom night dumpster baby...

What the fuck?!

First off, thanks for your thoughts and prayers during my convalescence. Great to be back. In reality, I wouldn’t have blogged much about WNY and politics and the usual dumb stuff I tend to go on about due to the fact that a third party who may or may not be connected to the now failed Chris Collins re-election campaign paid me to not blog during the final stretch. (Three bucks is three bucks… Thanks “Lick Nangworthy”!) As anybody knows, if you pay me money, I’ll blog (or not blog) about any subject, or pack up and move somewhere else. (You hear me, Geoff?! I’ll bite any hand that feeds me!) But now I come here and I see this

Now how in the hell am I supposed to ride the coattails of the successful blogs of Smith and Bedenko?! Sure, it was easy to steal their concepts and add to those themes some lame puns, bad photoshop images and goofy videos (all in the name of “satire”), as long as we were under the same banner of! But now, I’d be sponging content from another website instead, and it’s just not the same.

My old friend Chris Smith was the one who asked me to blog here (again, you now know who to blame) and Alan was welcoming from the start, and I consider him a friend. Well, an “internet” friend at least, I can count on my fingers the times I’ve met him in person. You know, it’s mostly through Facebook and Twitter that I communicate with him, and he hasn’t “untagged” any of the doctored photos of him I’ve posted on those sites, so that’s gotta count for something, right? And he at least took the time to thank me by name right here on this site:

I want to thank Marc, Chris, Kevin, Brian, Chris C., Chris VP, Nate, Paul, Eric, Christina, and the dozens of other contributors and writers we’ve hosted over the past six years.

Wait, what the hell?! I’m not listed there! “And the dozens”?! Now I know how the actors who played the Professor and Mary Ann felt when they heard the first version of the theme to “Gilligan’s Island”


I’d like to take the time to wish Chris and Alan all the best in their new home. Best of luck, you magnificent bastards.

But mostly “bastards”…