Feasting on the public dime...

As we enter into the fake holiday known as Thanksgiving, we should take the time to pause and reflect on the blessings (or lack thereof) we have in our lives, and the lives of those close to us. Charity and generosity on our part can make the holidays for those less fortunate than us a little better, even if we don’t have a lot ourselves. “Paying it forward” will reap benefits for ourselves and the world. But what about those more fortunate than us? Should they be left out in the cold?

Take former City of Buffalo HR Commissioner Karla Thomas, who lost her job through no fault of her own, some fault of her own, all fault of her own when she was shown to have not complied with a directive from the mayor to purchase the Social Security Death Index, which would assist in making sure the city wouldn’t pay benefits to dead people. The city shelled out $800,000 for payments to 170 retirees (who through no fault of Karla’s) happened to be pushing up daisies at the time. (At the time of this article’s publication, all the deceased people are still in the “void of life” status.)

Sure, the average salary in Buffalo is $34,486, which is a lot less than what Karla was making in her job ($91,000), but shouldn’t we feel sympathy for her plight of being a backer of Mayor Byron Brown (then later, badmouthing turncoat) who somehow managed to collect $400 a week in unemployment even though she should not have been eligible? Won’t somebody help this poor lost lamb?!

Thankfully, someone has stepped up to the plate and hit a line drive right to the collective nuts of Buffalo’s citizenry! None other than Demoratic Legislator Betty Jean Grant! Grant just so happened to fire her previous legislative assistant, so that meant a opening for the $35,000 a year job (still more than the average for Buffalo residents) needed to be filled. So why not give the job to a political crony? It’s a Thanksgiving Miracle!

Grant says “everyone deserves a second chance” which in this case trumps anybody in the city who is just looking for their first chance. Thomas was in danger of moving to the welfare line, says Grant, so Grant gives her the chance to become a taxpayer again, now on the county payroll.

Grant grants a reprieve to Canned Karla

So let us thank the courageous actions of Legislator Grant, who truly believes that the rehiring of an a disgraced government worker won’t contribute to the general cynicism felt from the peons in the city and county. You get a “gold star” in my book!

And let us give thanks to YOU, the taxpayer, who no matter what happens, will always seem to help out the more fortunate than yourselves through the use of your tax dollars, whether you like it our not….

And will someone please help out poor Chris Collins?!

P.S. Farewell, nature-boy. Continued success in all your endeavors…

P.P.S. Karla Thomas is still suing to get her old job back, with back pay. Don’t choke on a turkey bone, dear readers!