Every time you turned around, the Bills were near the end zone… their own. Buffalo’s professional sports teams continued a pitiful weekend of defending offense in Big D on Sunday. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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– Of all the weeks to have to watch a game after it happened… ugh.

What a dreadful performance by the Buffalo Bills, especially the defense. Tony Romo is a good-enough quarterback and he has significant weaponry at his disposal, but there’s no reason to simply collapse. When you throw in more inopportune offense at the hands of another Ryan defense, you get a Grade-A garbage casserole. It stinks… and they ate it.

– Some credit is due to the Cowboys offense, especially Dez Bryant who is an absolute freak show. There are only a handful of wide receivers a class above the muddled masses of decent wide-outs, but Bryant is surely one of them. Leodis McKelvin is not a good cornerback, but his coverage on Bryant’s touchdown wasn’t abhorrent: Bryant just got nasty.

– Demarcus Ware continued his annoying habit of crushing quarterbacks on the Dallas defense’s first play, which also showed how badly the Bills are missing an edge rusher. The Arthur Moats saga is not playing out as hoped and Chris Kelsay and Spencer Johnson are most effective on quasi-4-3 downs.

Is it possible that the Bills are missing feeble Shawne Merriman this much? Yes. “Lights Out” wasn’t making huge plays before he went lights out on the 2011 season, but he was someone for whom the offense was accounting. Can you honestly say that for anyone not named Marcell Dareus? Buffalo obviously also missing Kyle Williams, too.

– Drayton Florence is struggling.

– Oh, where has the Fitzmagic gone? While he couldn’t engineer another comeback and did not have much of a second half, I have a hard time blaming the game on him or his off-kilter offensive line. For example:

Bills first four drives: Punt, missed FG, TD, punt.

Cowboys first four drives: TD, TD, TD, TD.

I really feel this is an enough-said situation and that this would’ve been a different game if the Bills weren’t down 21 and forced to abandon the run game (which was having a day when it could). Dallas had all the momentum, at home, and is a deeper football team than the Bills. When Romo is on — like Fitz — he’s very, very good. His problem — like Fitz — is consistency over multi-game stretches. This wasn’t more than one game for Romo, but it was for Fitz, who needs to turn things around in a hurry and has another good defense to contend with on Sunday in Miami.

– Hate to make it this simple, but the Bills don’t have Dez Bryant and Demarcus Ware. They have Stevie Johnson and Arthur Moats. I like Stevie a lot — he’s upper echelon with Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson and Hakeem Nicks. But he’s not the highest echelon: Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Bryant .

Stat line I liked…

Donald Jones, six catches, 51 yards

– Good to see him back in business.

Stat line I didn’t like…

Jackson, one fumble lost

– What happened to reliable hands Freddie?

Game ball(s)…

Jackson, even with the fumble.


It’s sad that I’d rather talk about the Cincinnati loss than this one. At the time, it didn’t look so deadly…

Next week…

If the Miami Dolphins had won two games in-a-row based solely on offense, I wouldn’t be worried about the Bills chances of falling to 5-5. Unfortunately, Karlos Dansby and the Dolphin defense has been exceptional… really for most of the season. That said, they walloped two teams the Bills also used as cannon fodder. It won’t be pretty, but give me Buffalo, 17-9.

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