Labatt Blue beer today announced that the fifth annual Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament has officially sold out. One hundred forty four teams, ranging from novice, intermediate, advanced and elite players from around the region are already gearing up for the games which begin Friday, February 10 through Sunday, February 12, 2012. Teams who scored a spot for the 2012 games logged on Sunday to secure their place in the first-come, first-serve tournament. The tournament sold out in less than 15 minutes.

“We’ve learned a lot over the past five years… ultimately, we wanted to give more players the chance to skate in the 2012 games,” said Brett Carlsen, associate brand manager, Labatt Blue. “Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey continues to be an in-demand tournament for die-hard hockey buffs across the Western New York region and beyond. By increasing the number of teams, roster size and giving players advance notice of team registration, we were able to do just that. Cheers to another sold-out tournament!”

This year, tournament organizers added 20 additional teams, increased roster size to include seven players each and added night hockey “under the lights” to attract teams to compete at downtown Buffalo’s Erie Basin Marina. The 5th Annual Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament will see:
· 144 teams with more than 1,000 players

· Night hockey “under the lights” on Friday and Saturday evenings

· Seven-player rosters (up from six) to allow for substitutions in the grueling tournament

· Live music Friday and Saturday nights

· Gaming tent, dee-jay

· Lots of food options and icy cold Labatt Blue beer

Competing teams will be comprised of four to six players, 21 years of age and older, playing a four-on-four format, absent a goalie. Nets are six inches high and six feet wide like the goals used in the Labatt Blue US Adult Pond Hockey Championships held in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Teams will compete in a round robin format in a specified division. The winner of each bracket will go on to play a championship game.