My wife has been compiling her thoughts since November 10, when our baby boy was born. I edited some spelling cause I’m a jerk. She’s a saint. Asher turns one tomorrow.

“It’s been 52 weeks. I tried to write down one thing I’ve learned each week.. I fell short some weeks but here goes it. Everyone knows the best way to do… blah blah blah…It doesn’t matter what everyone else knows/did/does with their kids. Poop is gross and it doesn’t get less smelly or easier to change. No TV for the little man and we all survived. Family has new meaning. Milk coming out of boobs is still weird to me. I can’t watch children die or lose a parent in movies or on TV. I’m “sensitive” but I still hate on things. The world is scary but not a bad place. You reap what you sow. I’m the example and it is awesome. Patience. Speak soft, slow and kind words. Listen. If he’s alive and in one piece when I get home from work, who cares what the house looks like. It doesn’t matter when somebody else’s kid did this and that at whatever age. Miracles still happen. Watching a person grow, learn and change is not something that should be taken for granted. People assume you want to talk about your kid, ALL of the time. Babies have lots of laundry. You get invited to every child’s birthday party because you now have a child. Being a mom is easy. Babies are an old lady magnet. I fit into my old clothes, sorry Mom. Friends disappear. If you take the time to appreciate each day, time doesn’t fly by. It’s not manipulation it’s prevention. Strangers compare their kid to yours. It’s ok to wake him up just to hold him. Babies keep you warm. There is such thing as baby’s intuition. Perfection isn’t attainable. Babies have feelings. Being responsible doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. I’m proud, often. I haven’t changed, I’ve grown. All is love.”

That’s why I married her. I love my family.