Apparently, Lorigo translated from Italian means “opportunist”.

The Republican/Conservative candidate in West Seneca has been a life long democrat, until this past September anyways. It was past the deadline to officially change his party affiliation before the election.

Wonder how long it will take for this current democratic committeeman now running on the GOP/Conservative lines to switch back to a ‘D’ after he loses on Tuesday? We’re taking bets…

Not to say his opponent and “princess” of the “reform coalition” is any better, but at least she stuck with her principles and eventually, even came to her senses. That has to still mean something around here.

What’s a little ball tap amongst Conservative friends

Not this class”less” clown. No platform, no experience. Just another opportunist sack grabber who still can’t land a state job (as much as daddy tries)


Like father like son.

Bring on the trolls…