Mike Markkula was employee number 3 at Apple and had a great deal of influence over the success of Apple. The marketing philosophy of Apple has always been very customer focused. Government can and should learn from Apple’s marketing approach.

Empathy – Government must do a better job of understanding the needs of the citizens they serve. Technology now provides government with the ability to interact and engage citizens on the design and delivery of services in ways that simply were not possible just a few years ago.

Focus – Tough budget times are requiring governments to focus on their core services. Government cannot do everything and as such services must be prioritized. With responsibilities for police, fire and sanitation should government be involved with operating parking ramps, drug treatment programs and golf courses etc.

Impute – People do judge a book by its cover and much of what government does is presented in a slipshod manner. Steve Jobs was obsessed with design, the ease of use and presentation. The design and delivery of government services needs more professionalism and creativity in its approach.

What do you think about applying the Apple marketing philosophy to government?