A study by IBM of 1,500 Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) from different size organizations, 60 countries and 33 industries determined creativity to be the number 1 leadership skill needed by CEOs managing companies today.

As one CEO stated “We need to find, recognize and reward creativity.” The seeds of creativity must be spread throughout an organization and employees must be encouraged to question the way things have always been done. Today’s CEOs “…must be ready to upset the status quo even if it is successful. They must be comfortable with and committed to ongoing experimentation.”

In order to deal with today’s fast changing complex environment CEOs are undertaking two key steps:

1) Reinventing Customer Relationships – by adopting ways to engage and stay in touch with a new generation of employees, partners and customers. They are going beyond being close with customers by actually bringing customers inside their organizations through technology and social media to co-create products and services.

2) Restructuring Their Organizations – CEOs are refashioning their organizations to make them faster and more flexible. Whenever possible they are simplifying interactions with customers to make doing business with them as easy as possible.

This same approach needs to be adopted by government leaders. In your opinion is creativity the number 1 leadership skill needed today in the public sector?