Please join us for Occupy Buffalo’s “Dome Warming” Event this Saturday to celebrate our dome, and to give tribute to Buckminster Fuller, the great visionary humanitarian. He developed the geodesic dome as an example of affordable housing for the masses that would potentially eliminate indebtedness to big banks. Learn about his ideas and other inventions at a teach-in at 2pm co-facilitated by Albert Brown and Linda Abrams, and see how Bucky’s brilliance illuminates, and resonates with, the Occupy Movement. We will discuss “Bucky’s Challenge”, and through guided meditation explore our own visions for the collaborative co-creation of a transformed society.

We will finish up our event with a “Message from the Universe” gift exchange, so please bring something that no longer serves you~ or a found object~ wrapped or in a bag, for the exchange. Here’s to the contributions we all have to offer as the social artists and co-creators of our time!