To maintain integrity in all financial matters, and manage the financial account of Occupy Buffalo, while tracking sources of income and approving requests for funding from all of the working groups that compose Occupy Buffalo.  This group would coordinate, account for, deposit, and distribute all financial donations to Occupy Buffalo.  The finance working group would also be responsible for transparent financial disclosures and make presentations of all financial records to the general public, donors, as well as to Occupy Buffalo with a bi-weekly report at one of the General Assembly meetings.



Unlike the 1%, our group places an emphasis on open democratic decision making, transparency, and accountability. It is one of our most beloved values that must be reflected in all aspects of Occupy Buffalo’s  financial matters.



The finance working group would be subject to the authority of the people’s General Assembly.  If the General Assembly votes to make a financial decision then the finance working group would be responsible for implementing that action/disbursement.  Thefinance working group would meet weekly (to be determined), and be open to participation by all Occupy Buffalo members.



  • The finance working group will maintain a bank account with the Federal Cooperative Credit Union of Buffalo.
  • Financial reporting on the state of the bank account, including total balance, income, and line item expenses will be presented every two weeks at the General Assembly.
  • To receive funding, working groups will need to present requests in writing for funding to the finance working group. Excluding cases of emergency, the requesting working group must  ask for donations first, which means asking the general public by posting on the website for at least 5 days before funding is granted for said request.
  • Financial donations for Occupy Buffalo must be compiled daily by one of the 6 people with title to the bank account and a deposit made. Contact info for these 6 people will be posted in the information tent.
  • All cash donations must be deposited into the bank account – not spent unless an emergency has been determined.
  • The finance working group will coordinate all internal efforts to raise funds for Occupy Buffalo, and maintain a level of funds for the movement that adequately sustains our efforts.
  • The finance working group will work with community organizations to coordinate solicitation and intake of financial and material contributions to Occupy Buffalo.
  • The finance working group would maintain a determined monetary balance that allows Occupy Buffalo to respond to emergency situations, and find funding for the long term goals and objectives of the movement.