7pm  Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

Burning Books
420 Connecticut St (& 15th St)  Buffalo, NY


On the 6th anniversary of her arrest, Earth Liberation prisoner Joyanna “Sadie” Zacher has written a statement to be read at Burning Books along with a history of her case and current updates. This will be part of a one-hour presentation on the Green Scare,  a term referring to modern-day repression of environmental activists that alludes to the fear-mongering days of the Red Scares over communist infiltration in the early 20th century.

If you are concerned about activists being called terrorists despite having never harmed any human or animal life, you should be there. If you want to hear from and about people who have been fighting corporate domination and environmental destruction long before Occupy Wall St., you should be there.


Be sure to check out great upcoming events at the bookstore:  www.burningbooksbuffalo.com


Here’s a blog about the Green Scare, repression against animal rights and environmental activists and what that means for our safety and freedom: