On Sunday, January 1st at noon, Occupy Buffalo in collaboration with Occupy Hamilton, Occupy London, Occupy St. Catherine’s, and Occupy Niagara will be hosting an event at Goat Island in Niagara Falls, NY entitled “Bridge The Divide”. At a time when our politicians are globalizing worldwide economic crises and the oppression of other populations through wars and trade embargoes, it is our duty to utilize our people power to globalize humanitarianism, equality, and TRUE freedom. On the first, we will hold an International General Assembly, where we will make vows to ourselves and humanity as a whole–vows for change. We will define a plan to stand up for justice, not as nations but as people, by collectively continuing the conversation our movement began.  We can no longer wait for the bureaucracies that are our governments to solve the challenges we face as people.

On January 1st, U.N. Peace Day, we will show solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the North by exchanging letters of solidarity along with pledges to work together in the upcoming year.  We welcome you to take part in a piece of history that will serve to change how we interact with each other every day.

Divided we WERE powerless, together we ARE giants.

Where: Goat Island, Niagara Falls, NY (By horseshoe falls on the american side)
Time: 12:00-5pm


On the first speeches – Speeches dedicating ourselves to goals next year that will help our communities and people around the world.

Letter of solidarity exchange on the rainbow bridge

Guest speakers TBA

youtube: www.youtube.com/onthefirst2012
facebook: www.facebook.com/bridgethedividenow OR https://www.facebook.com/events/164473093654258/
twitter: occupybuffalony / bridgethediv

For more information please contact Sol [at] [email protected] / Amanda Hicks [at] [email protected] / John Washington [at] [email protected]