Occupy Buffalo–December 2011–Justice Dialogue

We, the Occupy Buffalo Movement have come together to resist the injustice of the corporate domination of our political institutions.  Toward the end of changing these institutions so they are more responsive to our needs, we invite citizens of various levels of education (from eminent professors to earnest students) to contribute to and benefit from an on-going public discourse on the broad subject of justice.  We believe that the democratic process that the Occupy Movement has adopted carries great moral authority in its openness to all voices, its orientation towards peaceful relations, and its commitment to a pragmatic consensus.  However, our democratic process stands in need of knowledge and a vision of our common well-being.  This justice dialogue is dedicated to sharing our collective knowledge and developing a shared vision of a better future for all of us.

All talks are at Niagara Square

Go to the Media tent in the event of inclement weather

4 pm on Saturday the 3rd–Justin Booth: “On Transportation and Environmental Justice”

5:30 pm on Wednesday the 7th–Prof. Steven Halady: “Trust, Accountability, and Justice”

4 pm on Saturday the 10th–Prof. Heron Simmonds-Price: “Growing the Common-Wealth: Gross Domestic Product or Gift Economies”

5:30 pm on Wednesday the 14th–Prof. Sean Donaghue-Johnston; “On Libertarianism: Does Smaller Government Equal Greater Liberty?”

4 pm on Saturday the 17th–Prof. Heron Simmonds-Price: “The Problem of Prerogative in Locke’s Treatise of Government–aka the Need for Wiki-leaks”

5:30 pm on Wednesday the 21st–Fr Tom Colgan, S.J: “On Spiritual Discernment, The Divine is With Us in This”

3 pm on Saturday the 24th–TBC, Jasenka Hrustanovic:  “Unpacking White Privilege: on Peggy McIntosh and Racial Justice” 

5:30 pm on Wednesday the 28th–TBC, Albert Brown: “Tools for Focalizing”, OR “Teach In on Freedom”, TBC

4 pm on Saturday the 31st–Prof. Heron Simmonds-Price: “On Moral Progress: Universal History and the Narrative of Justice”

30 Minute Talks may be Live Streamed at occupybuffalo.org