Please come down to Niagara Square at 1:15 pm to participate in Occupy Buffalo's response to the D6 Occupy Homes Campaign

Official Press Release:

Contact: Sergio             716.241.1979

Who: Occupy Buffalo, Take Back the Land, and Kelly Shaw, resident of the
Lower West Side facing foreclosure by JP Morgan Chase.

What: A march from the General Assembly of Occupy Buffalo at Niagara
Circle to Chase's offices at 350 Main St.

When: Tuesday, December 6th, 2011. 1:30 PM, D6, National Day to Occupy Our


Today in over 20 cities across the United States, communities are rising
up and fighting back as part of a National Day of Action to resist
foreclosures and evictions, also being called a National Day to Occupy Oupr
Homes. Communities are having public rallies and speak-outs,
re-occupyingforeclosed and abandoned properties and physically protecting
people facing eviction. Here in Buffalo at 1:30 pm today, Tuesday,
December 6th community members will be marching from Niagara Circle to
Chase's offices at 350 Main St.

For several years community organizations in cities like Miami,
Minneapolis, Madison and Rochester have helped families who have lost or
were at risk of losing their homes; in some cases moving evicted tenants
into vacant homes. Today people in those cities and dozens of others will
be joining together with organizations like Take Back the Land in
elevating affordable housing to a human right. One such person is Kelly
Shaw, a widowed mother who is also taking care of an additional teenage
girl. Kelly bought her historic home in Buffalo's Lower West Side 3 years
ago, entering into a mortgage withJP Morgan Chase. Even though she kept
current on her loan for over 2 years, when she attempted to refinance her
loan Chase declared her to be in default and began foreclosure
This coming from a bank which has the worst servicing record among the
"Too Big To Fail Banks", according to the US Treasury and HUD. A New York
Communities For Change report found that Chase is pushing more into
foreclosure than other large servicers, and that it rejects the largest
numbers of families from the federal Home Affordable Modification Program
(HAMP). JPMorgan Chase received a $25 Billion dollar taxpayer funded
bailout in 2008, and CEO Jamie Dimon made $20.8 million dollars last year;
meanwhile, Kelly Shaw's mortgage payments each month were 80% of her
monthly income from disability; and she sent in postdated checks last
Christmas to Chase in order to provide Christmas gifts to her
children--gifts which almost never came because the bank cashed her checks
immediately while declaring her to be in default.

Take Back the Land, Occupy Buffalo and local community
members are doing research, connecting with neighbors and attending
non-violent civil disobedience trainings in preparation to resist home
foreclosures and evictions in the city of Buffalo. We are dedicated to
no longer allowing banks to use questionable, immoral and illegal
practices to gain billions of dollars while human beings are made
homeless. We acknowledge that as taxpayers, we funded the bailout which
was supposed to help homeowners not bank executives.


We're on Occupy Our Homes:

Everyone start making signs!

"Foreclose on Banks"   and  "Occupy Our Homes"
   Not on People

"Banks got bailed out, we got kicked out"

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