BPS Community School #53 is holding a fundraiser on January 14, 2011 to support 5th & 6th Grade honor students going to Washington, DC June 6-9. We need your support for this to be successful. Tickets to this event are $20 per person!

This is a “family event” and we’re putting together a very nice agenda that includes parents and students. We have received the BPS Administration support for the Community School Investors at 53 Alumni to hold this fundraiser to support our successful students. Please contact Don Hill, Community School #53/PTA President (donneehill@yahoo.com) for more information.
Community Agency Support:

We have seven Information Tables that remain open for service providers at $25.00. This money will also go toward the cost of travel for the students. This is a great opportunity for providers to share information with parents from the community.
This event is being held at the Schiller Park Senior Center on Genesee (please see attached flyer). If you are interested email Deborah Porter cs53-alumni@wobblee.com and I will forward a form for your registration and instructions on where to make payment.

Why are doing this?

We need your help and support. Too often our children are not afforded such opportunities because of poverty or working parents with low-income who cannot afford to send their children out of town but would love to be able to do such. This is a great opportunity to encourage our children to continually meet academic challenges, expose students to cultural activities outside of the Buffalo area and give them an opportunity to dream and believe in themselves as much as we do.

Unfortunately, this will not happen without the support of the community. This is just one solution to recognizing student achievement! Please help us make it a success. Come out and support the event or purchase a picture for a parent to attend with their children.