The following is a statement from Seneca Nation of Indians President Robert Odawi Porter about possible permission, via an amendment to the state Constitution, for Las Vegas-style commercial gambling after 2013. President Porter said today:

“In his comments Sunday, Gov. Cuomo acknowledged the reality that New York already has gambling. The Seneca Nation, with three destination properties, will continue to be part of this discussion. Working with the state since 2002, the Nation invested $900 million in three casinos and created thousands of jobs that have a significant economic multiplier effect.”

“Let’s keep the big picture in focus: Seneca gaming works and right now it’s the only gambling mechanism that provides economic benefits to the state and its people, and will continue to for years before any amendment might be put to a vote.”

“New Yorkers have every right to discuss expanded gaming outside our exclusivity zone. As a business partner with the state, we disagree over racino in our zone. But the issue of the state breaching Seneca exclusivity will be arbitrated and resolved. In the meantime and the future, the Nation will continue to be a leader in this area of economic development.”