What The Friday?!

This Friday marks the return of a Tommunisms feature called “WTF?! Newsbites”, which will now come out Fridays. So I guess it now means “What the Friday?!”. Stupid stuff from around the interwebs. Past articles can be found here.


Two NYC high schoolers were suspended after failing to stop their “Tebowing” Tributes in the school halls. This past Wednesday saw the largest of their organized “kneelings”, with over 40 students participating. Officials cited a saftey concern of the demonstrations blocking access of students trying to get to their classes. The two suspended students say they had no religious intentions with their exhibition, much like the people who crowd the churches during Christmas Midnight Mass. At least they weren’t “Sanduskying”



“Blessed are the clueless, for they shall see no irony.”  Take a look at this classy protester from the Westboro Baptist Church (you know, the friendly folk who carrying “God Hates Fags” signs at strangers’ funerals) who is sending mixed signals by wearing a Glee T-Shirt, which if you have ever seen the show, may just be a little friendly to the gay community. And to think that “The Protester” is Time’s Person of the Year


“Ole Muttonchops”

What the Fail? The U.S Mint is sitting on 1.4 billion dollars worth of dollar coins nobody wants, so they are curtailing production of the series that features the Presidents of the United States of America (not the band, though a commenerative “Lump” coin would be nice).

VP Joe Biden said “Nobody wants them.” Which may be true, but the plan was well intentioned, coins would last for years instead of having to print up paper greenbacks all the time. But Canada had the right idea if you wanted to get people to use coins: don’t make any more dollar bills.

But don’t despair numismatists (I picked up that word from my good buddy Christopher Hitchens, God love him…), the Mint will still continue to pump out the coins at a rate that should take care of coin collectors. So you’ll be able to snap up that Chester A. Arthur coin soon enough, and word is that the Mint will still press the upcoming William Howard Taft coin in what they refer to as “Double Stuff” mode…


Quick poll: on who’s lap would you rather have your child sit upon at Christmas time? Some old, fat, white dude with a cheap red suit on, or by this cuddly creature?!

oh hai!

Watch as stupid local news people give stupid attorney generals air time to warn you over things they clearly don’t understand are an internet meme. I thought this was a piece from “The Onion” at first. Sigh….

Officials release ‘Pedobear’ warning: krqe.com

WTF, indeed….