It’s downright inexplicable, really, how low the Buffalo Sabres have fallen. A second-tier contender last season, you’d have thought the offseason spending spree would have put them over the top, not into the basement.
But, as of this writing, Buffalo’s tied for last place in points in the East (with two games in-hand). They’re a disaster.
So who is at fault for the Sabres’ dismal season? While defending Brad Boyes, owner Terry Pegula blamed injuries:
“I don’t want to single out Brad,” Pegula said. “Look who he plays with every night. It changes a lot. He’s another guy [who was injured]. … I have to believe we’re a better hockey team than we were last year. We just didn’t have this massive, catastrophic injury problem. Put yourself in anybody’s place in the organization. How do you evaluate what’s going on?”
Meanwhile, our own Ryan Lambert recently asked why Pegula himself was escaping blame.
For the record, whil…