GA minutes 11/26/11
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Working group report backs:

Media- We now have a wi-fi hot spot.

Art & Culture- Dec 3rd Poetry & Music showcase at The Vault on Main st, from 2-5 to sign up contact Chelsea

Facilitation- teach-ins will begin soon contact John Washington

Strategic Planning- letter to mayor will be proposed. The school of everything, to Join see Linda Abrams

Direct Action- meetings MWF at 7


Proposal to form WG to help out local schools.

Friendly amendment- talk to finance and direct action (accepted)

agreed to bring proposal to finance and direct action

Proposal to form a Campaign Finance Reform WG

Friendly amendment- bring proposal to strategic planning (agreed)

Linda- Letter to Mayor Brown, read aloud for GA approval.

letter did not pass approval,

proposal for letter to be brought to strategic planning, letter will not be online, it will be worked on at the meetings and then brought back to GA for approval. (Next Strategic Planning meeting Tues @ 6:30) – Passed

Voted on having a Geodesic Dome donated to Occupy Buffalo (Passed)

GA minutes 11/23/11
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Chewy-proposal for $120 out of finance for a new art tent. the one we have now is falling apart and leaking. (Passed)

Bob- before a press conference is scheduled it must be brought to GA for approval. (Passed)

Voted on the 6 people to be on the Occupy Buffalo account at Buffalo Federal Credit Union.The 6 people are, Chelsea Meade, Marco Marrero, Bob Albini, Matt Richardson, Jamie Stewart, and Josie Grounds.

GA minutes 11/19/11
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Working Group report back:

Fire Watch/ Peace Keeping- This is a Drug & Alcohol free zone.

Holiday – Meeting Sun @ 2 to discuss black Friday dinner

Zuccotti Park- First trip ( Dana, Cameron, Steve, and Logan) went well

Outreach- meetings Tuesdays at 3

Comfort- meetings MWF @ 2

Direct Action- Meetings MWF @ 7

Medical- Tent got wiped out in last wind storm. There are Vitamins available. Do not bring prescription medicine as donations ex – patches, inhalers, etc. Meetings 10:30 every morning


Henri- Proposal to rename ” Talking Circle to Listening Circle”

Friendly amendment – “Communication circle”

accepted – proposal passed.

Brittany- Direct Action proposes on Nov 25th we do a flash mob @ the galleria mall (Passed)

Mike- Proposal for a “Free Buffalo” working group, focused on getting big banks out of buffalo.

Friendly Amendment- this become a sub group of Direct Action ” we can all speak as one voice”

did not accept friendly amendment

Friendly Amendment- Re frame proposal to series of teach-ins


Proposal for campaign for “Free Buffalo” this will include teach-ins. Decisions will return to GA and Direct Action. (Passed)

Fred- Proposal to move tents together ( Passed)


Free Flu Shots Wednesday Nov 28th at 7:45 am

GA Minutes 11/18/11
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Working group report backs:

Finance- There was 2 (2-hour) emergency finance meetings. A course of action was decided on, nothing enacted. We almost lost $500 from a union because our situation is not advancing.

Strategic Planning- identity and mission statement. Plan B – in the event of raided or shut down press release be crafted.

Educational- Use of outside places ( like library) for teach-ins during day. Will serve to provide warmth & outreach.

Media- Funds to get hot spot. Live stream may stay w/ Virgin mobile. Media need total over haul, we could have so much more on live stream. Need more moderators on Face Book

Facilitation- trainings will continue this weekend.


Albert- Painter’s Union offered to pay for Coffee truck to come to Occupy Buffalo, Saturdays at 11 am ( Passed)

Albert ( On behalf of Strategic Planning) – We Craft an open letter to the mayor, asking to meet with him. The letter will be brough to GA for approval. (Passed)


Chewy- Peace Center wants to start an Occupy Buffalo event section in their news letter.

Henry – Dec 6th (Take back the land) Occupying homes, call to resist evictions, day of Action

Nov 25th- International day for the Elimination of violence to women.

Allison- A field trip is coming to OB Tues morning at 10

Albert- Nov 21st Economic Development Meeting Tri main building.

GA Minutes 11/5
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General Assembly 11/5/2011 Noon GA

Working Group Reports (if not listed no new reports


Working on finalizing Occupy Buffalo Account next meeting 5pm sunday


Needs help in general, mainly people to write articles for newspaper in progress


Rules list has been posted in the kitchen, please clean up after yourselves

Direct Action

Direct Action proposals will be structured in who what when where why format and continue meeting Monday Wednesday and Friday @ 7pm

Strategic Planning

The group will be drafting a mission statement to be presented to GA for approval also will be conducting teach ins on letter writing tues @ 6:30 fri @ 3:30

Art’s and Culture

Will be having an event @ the vault 702 main street on Saturday November 12th from 2-5


Will be meeting 11/6/11 @ 1pm

The group is working on adjusting structure to make things more efficient

Agenda Items

Police Appreciation day on November 14th passed with concerns about specificity

Comfort and Food should engage people before giving out items for the camp
Tabled due to concerns about inclusion
Encourage people to bring their own cups bowls and utensils


Mike has been personally sponsored by SDUSA and encourages occupiers to get organizations they may be affiliated with to sponsor them

The Network of Religious Communities and United Fed Co-op have both fully endorsed Occupy Buffalo

First women’s caucus will be held 11/6 10:30

David Cobb will be having a seminar from 4-8pm @ 505 delaware

Talking circle will begin Sunday 11/6 @ noon

Justice Dialogue series will begin meeting on Wednesdays 5:30 and Saturdays @ 4pm
GA Minutes – November 2nd
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Buffalo General Assembly 11/2/2011

Working Group Report Backs


We need more volunteers to take inventory. We also need sub zero sleeping bags, thermals, snow suits, and wool socks. Thank you


We meet at 8pm everyday, please join us! We need people who are computer savvy and are good w/ or posses cameras, video or otherwise. Kurt is our go to guy for working group info. Please provide him with updates regarding what your working groups talked about, any proposals you passed, and your upcoming agenda for your next meeting.

Zucotti Park

Our first caravan is leaving on Friday, October 4th, to Zucotti park in NYC with the goal of doing due diligence by learning more about the process and continually working to improve ours.


We will be meeting fri at 6:30

Strategic Planning

We are currently compiling the info from the recent survey we performed regarding why people are here and also working on a list of grievances we have to disseminate to the community.


No updates, please see someone with red tape if medical attention is needed.


We will be having a teach in at 5pm on November 3rd

Cold Weather Workshop Friday @ 9pm


We are working 0n letters to the editor aswell as coordinating Public Relations with the Media Working Group

Direct Actions

We will be meeting 7pm

Nietzsche’s Fundraiser 9pm Saturday Night

Art’s and Culture

This Sunday we will be meeting @ 3pm to work on creating a mural

In light of the violence that has occurred in other occupations we will be having a Police Appreciation Day. On Monday November 14th we are having 2 marches to show our appreciation for the cooperative relationship with our occupation.

We are receiving a$22,000 Geo Dome from an unnamed union. Chris Phillips will be getting more information on the possible uses and negative affects on the camp based who is providing the dome for the camp.

On November 5th National Bank Transfer Day 2 skits outside of 2 banks @ Noon

A course on silent meditation and fasting will be held by Ovrham on Sunday November 6th @ 12pm

Kent Arts and culture will be having an event on November 12th from 9-5 @the Vault that will be open to OB

In January the vault will be having an art show for OB

The Occupy Buffalo Website is being revamped and may experience some down time

November 8th is Election Day although we do not support any party or candidate we encourage everyone to vote

General Assembly 11/1/2011

Working Group Reports


We need anyone with any equipment or ability in the following areas Web Design, Social Media, Livestream, PR/Media Relations, Photography, Editing, Computer Graphics, Writing, Research, and Media Scrapbooking to help in anyway they can. Media will be meeting on a daily basis @ 8pm

Direct Action

There will be a direct action meeting on Wed @ 11am SCIU Building Meeting

There will be a planning meeting tonight @7pm to collaborate with PUSH on the November 16th H.E.A.P “Fuel The 99%” Concert


Cold weather prevention tips wet clothing absorbs heat 70% faster than dry

Arts and Culture

Bring signs for November 5th to the Buffalo First planning meeting @ 910 main st 8pm


There will be a facilitation meeting on Fri 6pm to develop a mentoring process

General Info

Do Not Chain Bikes to Park Benches Overnight
GA Minutes – October 22nd
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*throughout the week the assemblies have brought together ~20 to 40 people, often including first-time attendees and passers-by.

The Saturday assemblies have been larger, often in the 100′s. Today there were about 80 people present at the assembly (~120 throughout the afternoon).

Welcome, thank yous, Introduction, explanation of process, hand-signals


-medical: meetings @ 10:30 am every day; minor injuries (will not treat broken bones, anything beyond medics’ skill level)

-Facilitation – WE NEED MORE FACILITATORS. Trainings and meetings to be held throughout the week *Update: Tues, Weds and Fri 6-7pm

-”Firewatch” (nightwatch) – formed because of late-night security issues, nightly sign-ups, provide information about outside assistance

-Food – Breakfast 8-10am, Dinner 6-8pm; sign-up for dishes

-Strategic Planning – next mtg Friday (Oct 28th) @ 5pm

-Media – need help collecting data

-Comfort – more people needed to help out

-Direct Action – marches daily and throughout week, meetings Mon, Wed, Fri evenings

-Legal – NY ACLU hotline – (716) 332-4658, use crosswalks, street lights


-Fundraising – going well, meeting Weds @ 6pm

-Finance – about $1400 saved/available


Nov 5th – National Bank Transfer Day – people meeting with local Federal Credit Unions to facilitate transfer of funds, actions being planned for that Saturday.

Individuals encouraged to do research and transfer bank accounts to local Credit Unions

2011 Election meeting – 3pm today (or after General Assembly)

Patrick talking to neighbors, looking for access to connection to Wi-fi network in buildings surrounding Niagara Square

–TV & DVD player available, Movie Nights

– Zombie march for Halloween

–people are wearing Colored arm bands to easily identify working groups

–Buffalo Activist toolkit series begins tonight @7pm, Burning Books 420 Connecticut St.

–Medical: preventative care – C.O.L.D. –Cleanliness, Overheating, Liquids & Dryness

Occupy Buffalo fundraiser/awareness show @ Nietzsche’s, 9pm Saturday, November 5th

Upcoming PUSH Buffalo action against National Fuel. Its a secret! meet at 271 Grant St (Grant St. Neighborhood Center) Friday, Oct 28th @ 5pm

We need a Sanitation/Clean-up Working Group

Planning “Rock-upy” – a show in Niagara Square

12am – Midnight March tonight!

Sunday night bike ride, tomorrow and every Sunday – meet on Allen between Hardware Cafe and Holly Farms

Justice teach-ins in Niagara Square

-Heron is a professor, contacted Grant Silva and others to host discussions – Saturdays @ 4pm, Weds @ 5:30pm


Proposal- use Occupy Buffalo funds to send Buffalo occupiers to Wall St/NYC.

-many concerns about using group funds to send people away from Buffalo, not fully utilizing available resources in Buffalo

-too much amazing, inspiring stuff going on in NYC to miss out on, most of it not available online–just too much to take in via technology, must be experienced first-hand

*Zuccotti Working Group formed – organizing car pools, independently raise funds, meeting during afternoon break, can make proposals requesting funds from Occupy Buffalo

Proposal- Occupy Buffalo needs to work toward ending corporate personhood, could also have affect on Citizens’ United Supreme Court Case

-concerns about the challenges of doing so, legal implications

Re-proposed: Occupy Buffalo supports the idea of challenging corporate personhood, issue will be referred to Strategic Planning Work Group

motion PASSED

Arts & Culture Working Group working on a mural for outside of large tent (not on the tent itself)

afternoon break (lunch, work groups, discussion)

–please put on all signs, posters, literature

-Legislation in the works for Voter Restricted ID

Bonnie passes out pre-written letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to declare the laws unconstitutional and prohibit their enactment for people to sign and send

Change time of General Assemblies to the afternoon to include more people

after much debate and deliberation,

a proposal is made: Monday, Wednesday and Friday GAs @ 5pm, every other day at 12noon

motion PASSED

Student Outreach Working Group formed – Chris from UB is point person

“Sponsor Occupy Buffalo for a Night” – message sent out to unions, churches and organizations encouraging them to send sponsors to Niagara Square for a day and/or night to participate and help the movement grow

–Not everyone has the courage/ability to speak up in front of groups, has the language/ability to formulate clear proposals, has time.

Proposal: we should have a distinct time for a talking circle that allows every single voice to be heard

-discussion about how that would work, where, when, how much time it could take (100 people x 3 minutes = 5 hours), the idea is wonderful, but how do we make it feasible

*tabled for further discussion

Proposal: build straw bale huts for warmer, more secure occupation

-concerns about safety, size, permanence, costcould get straw bales free or cheap

*tabled for further research/discussion

Marco very upset that his tent was moved without consent and not well taken care of (not set-up properly, things inside got wet). Several skeptical acquaintances/friends of his were going to join the occupation but are now even more skeptical and not participating because of this

*Several issues being addressed here: (1) The ongoing debate about expansion of the camp around the circle (2) moving people’s personal items without consent

Proposal: If items are not yours – DO NOT TOUCH THEM. You MUST CONTACT the owner before doing anything with them

motion PASSED

Final Announcements/ Closing

Zuccotti Working Group raised ~$70+ already, looking for biodiesel capability vehicle –w/ biodiesel vehicle can go to NYC virtually for free

Buffalo Activist Toolkit series – learn how to organize, be prepared for actions, know your legal rights, etc.

Burning Books, 420 Connecticut tonight @ 7pm

ongoing events at that location

Peace through Justice teach-in and discussion @ 4pm – right here after assembly

Working Groups contact list inside Welcome tent, stick around for food, music, discussions and more

assembly adjourned