On Jan 11th in Wash. DC Amnesty International and many other organizations are protesting ten years to the day of Guantanamo prison being open and asking for it’s and others like it’s closing. We will form a human chain between the Whitehouse and the Capitol. PLEASE JOIN US and pass this on to others who may be interested! The Buffalo Peace Center is running the bus from Buffalo, contact Charley at The Peace Center 332-3904 or Anna at 605-0266. Contact Zeke at Amnesty International at ZJohnson@aiusa.org to leave from other cities. 
The NY State Corrections Dept. used to run a free bus from Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester and NYC  to the prisons in NY State. (Most are out in rural areas in mid-state). They have decided not to spend the money anymore and cancelled the buses. These buses were the only opportunity some people got to visit their friends and family members in prison because of not having a car or the money. And for some prisoners friend and family support makes all the difference  between making it or losing hope and turning to crime again or suicidal feelings.
By the way there has been a 3rd suicide in the last 4 months at the Buffalo Holding Center jail, 25 Delaware Ave. If you are interested in protesting the Holding Center’s brutal conditions join the Prisoner’s Rights Coalition’s and Prisoners Are People Too’s weekly protest at Delaware and Church most Wednesdays at 5pm. IT’S ONLY A TWO MIN. WALK FROM OCCUPY!  Contact Karima Amin at karima@prisonersarepeopletoo.org.
And as I was saying, we are trying to bring the buses back. For the survey being used to petition the Corrections Dept. go to  NYInitiative@Osborneny.org bus survey. It only takes 2 minutes to fill one out, and it may save lives.  For more info about the bussing initiative call 800-344-3314. You can scan the survey in or print and regular mail it.
Ghandi has said you can see the state of evolution of a country by the state of their prisons. So you can see the gravity of the prison situation in our state here is an email I received yesterday from a prisoner justice group I belong to.
Judith Brink prisonactionnetwork@gmail.com
6:37 PM (19 hours ago)

My mail is not lifting my spirits today.  Elmira’s Lifers and Longtermers are begging for community volunteers to come in and present classes in re-entry; they say no one has come in in years… and the next letter tells me that Auburn closed the Hospitality Center which is the only place visitors can come in out of the elements for the duration of time between their bus arrivals and the beginning of visiting hours, which is normally 2 hours.  In the case of FRP visits it can be 6 hours.  …in the freezing cold or pouring rain.  As if that’s not bad enough, the prisoners’ food is terrible and “barely above starvation portions”,  items are stolen from their packages, programs are being cut, and now this obstacle to maintaining family ties.  What can we do?

Judith Brink
Director, Prison Action Network
Editor, Building Bridges

518 253 7533
prisonactionnetwork@gmail.om     Thanks for being there!   Anna Roblin