media contact: Curt –

Press/Media/Public Relations
Facebook/Social Media


Al –

Justice Dialogues and General Assemblies Popular

we need more people to video!

Ninefinger will update queue with videos from Youtube channels


“official” email address for press/TV/radio contacts is now ; mainstream media will be notified

(this is to eliminate the ability for anyone to speak/organize press conferences/media events without going through a General Assembly.)  Members of Media WG and Legal will be given access.

Hen, J-Du and others will forward their press-release contacts to the new account


-can’t reach Pat M – web creator! This is slowing us down.

J-Du, Steve and Ninefinger doing what they can regarding layout & updates w/ the access they have

Calendar is being updated frequently; must be refreshed from WordPress Dashboard

Al collecting info about events on FB page –> upload events to web calendar all at once; Stephanie will help coordinate


mostly just Sam at this point, will continue as part of Media WG

Nigel and Amanda will help

meet w/ Media and also Saturdays at 3pm in Niagara Square

original content and redistribution of available literature

need street team – post fliers


(parts of) 1/9 ECIDA mtg was taped

Ninefinger to embed Brian’s Youtube channel on website (

need video in Albany and D.C.