“[Ryan] Miller is the $6 million face of the franchise, but you wonder if his head is elsewhere, maybe with his wife out in Los Angeles.”
That quote was buried in a Jerry Sullivan article from last month.  Now Jerry might have been trolling for a reaction (I know, it’s a preposterous thought) or maybe just cracking a joke, but it’s an easily accessible soundbite so I’ll use Sully’s quote here. The reality is that he’s far from the only person to suggest the notion.
And it’s a notion that makes zero sense to me.
To some, it’s simply an easy joke to make. “We used to have an elite goalie, then he went and got married and now Noureen DeWulf screwed his head up.  Damn you, Noureen!”  People chuckle, nobody takes it too seriously, and everyone goes about their business as usual.  Just another way to make light-hearted conversation about the Buffalo Sabres (because, God knows, we could use a little more light-hearted Sabres-r…