Move to Amend Teach-in
Thursday, January 26th
5:30 pm
505 Deleware – CWA (Communication Workers of America)

Learn about how U.S. law recognizes corporations as “artificial persons” and how that has led to corporations amassing enormous wealth, threatening democracy; how with the Citizens United v. FEC decision the Supreme Court has sided with the wealthy elite against the interests of the American people by allowing unlimited amounts of money to be spent on political campaigns; and learn about how we can do something about it!

It’s time to take ourselves seriously – about what is at stake and what it will require to assume and democratically exercise real power.

It’s time to follow the lead of the American Revolutionaries, the Aboltionists, the Suffragists, the Trade Unionists and the Civil Rights activists and build a broad-based, multi-partisan democracy movement in the United States. It’s time to change the rules.

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and come to the Teach-in Thursday, January 26th at 505 Deleware