Here’s hoping that in 2012, companies like Wegmans won’t make stupid news even more stupid by doing stupid things like pulling a commercial over a stupid incident on an airplane:

Wegmans has pulled its Alec Baldwin commercials, following complaints from a few dozen customers.

Baldwin starred in the commercials, produced in 2010, after he mentioned on “The Late Show With David Letterman” that his mother will never leave Upstate New York because she loves the supermarket.

Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight last month after he refused to turn off a device on which he was playing “Words With Friends.” The airline said Baldwin was extremely rude to the crew.

Wegmans planned to run the holiday-themed Baldwin commercials for a few weeks over the last holiday season. Wegmans said customers began complaining about the ads after the American Airlines incident.

“We did get customer complaints because it was all timed with the incidents,” said spokeswoman Jo Natale. “We always listen to customers. We didn’t get hundreds of complaints, but a few dozen.”

Wegmans said it ended the ads early. The company has no ongoing relationship or contract with Baldwin.

I doubt it, but hey its worth a shot